Pakistan Golf Clubs Contest: Gymkhana Retains The Title

LAHORE: In the 2018 Inter Club Golf Teams contest for supremacy ,the 20 member Gymkhana Team managed to retain the much sought after Lahore Cup glittering trophy introduced by Lt. Gen. (r) M. Tariq, five years this Inter Club Golf Championship that concluded at the Royal Palm Golf Course yesterday, the Gymkhana Team surfaced as the champion in this team tourney held over three days, first day at Defence Raya Golf Course followed by another one at Gymkhana Golf Course and now the final one at Royal Palm Golf Course.

Based on the aggregate scores of the first two matches held on Friday and Saturday, Gymkhana had accumulated 46.5 points while Royal Palm had 39.5 points in their tally and Defence Raya score was 34.5 points.

The final 18 holes competition yesterday at Royal Palm Golf Course was crucial and at stake in the singles match play contest was a total of 60 points which means that the ultimate triumphant one could have been either of the three teams. Early on Sunday the championship commenced after a lot of handshakes and though many smiles were exchanged, the battle oriented atmosphere was expectancy and tension loaded.

Captains of the three teams Omer Zia (Gymkhana), Murad Khan (Defence Raya) and Abdullah Sharif (Royal Palm) took time to strategize and brief their mates. The game progressed with accurate hitting and crisp shot making and all through the 18 holes, noticeable was the intensity as each participant attempted to outwit his adversary through superb application of golfing skills. As the match reached an exciting conclusion the Gymkhana team gathered 18.5 points, Royal Palm fetched 20 points and Defence Raya compiled 21.5 points.

Pakistan Golf Clubs: Defence Raya, Lahore Gymkhana & Royal Palm Teams To Battle

In this way the Defence Raya may have compiled more points on the final day but in the overall reckoning the victorious team was Gymkhana with a total compilation of 64.5 points followed by Royal Palm 59.5 points and Defence Raya 56 points. If we take the contests individually, Royal Palm had topped in the first match at Defence Raya, while Gymkhana won the second match at their home course and in the final outing yesterday Defence Raya was ahead but Gymkhana claimed the prized trophy through an overall winning aggregate with Royal Palm as runners up.

For the Gymkhana Golf Team, the single handicappers were in their true elements and added value by playing like champions. Amir Mehmood was dominant and so were players like Farooq Khan, Taimur Shabbir,Waleed Zubair, Ahmed Zafar Hayat, Qasim Khan and Salman Jehangir. In the handicap category 10 to 16, Omer Zia stood out and was the only one who won two points yesterday, while Tariq Misbah brought in 1.5 points.

Those who won their matches and fetched points for the Royal Palm team were Sharjeel Awan, Asim Tiwana, Azfar Hassan, Hussain Hamid, Dr. Tashbeeb, Waqar Butt, Farid Malik and Zafar Iqbal. Zafar Iqbal created a stir by beating his opponents in the first fourteen holes. Royal Palm Team certainly has been cohesive and performed exceedingly well missing outright victory by a small margin.

The outstanding ones for Defence Raya were, Sardar Murad, Mohtashim Aftab, Ali Hameed and Imran Mukhtar.

At the conclusion of the final round of this three tier Inter Club Golf Championship battled out between, Royal Palm, Gymkhana and Defence Raya Teams, the Captain of the host club team, Royal Palm, Abdullah Sharif awarded the glittering trophy to Omer Zia, Captain, Gymkhana Golf Club, in the presence of Shaukat Javed, Convenor Golf, Lahore Gymkhana, Ramzan Sheikh, CEO,Royal Palm, Parvez Qureshi, Director, Lt. Gen. (r) M.Tariq and the team members of the three teams.

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