The All Pakistan Inter Club Golf Championship 2022 contested at Rumanza Golf Arena, came to a conclusion and the Lahore Garrison Golf Team was declared the Champion Club team and became eligible for gold medals and the prize money reward of Rupees 1.3 million. 

Lahore Garrison Team winners of the All Pakistan Inter Club Golf Championship 2022 contested at Rumanza Golf Arena, Multan – Allsportspk 

Karachi Golf Club Team was the runners up and Lahore Gymkhana team ended up third followed by Rumanza Golf Club, Rawalpindi Golf Club, DHA Karachi, Bahria Garden City, Islamabad and last was Airmen Golf Club, Karachi.

Rumanza Facebook / Allsportspk

The winning team of Lahore Garrison ended as leaders with a team aggregate score of 1564. The runners up team, Karachi Golf Club had a team aggregate score of 1581. The Lahore Gymkhana team finished third at a team score of 1587.

The individual amateur segment winner was young Damil Ataullah who topped in the race for individual honours with impressive three rounds scores of 70, 69, 71 giving a match aggregate of 210, six under par. He wins a seven days Umra Trip. Out of the other participating amateurs seventeen years old Omer Khalid of DHA Karachi was second with three rounds scores of 71, 72 and 74, his total being 217, one over par. Another young one from Karachi, Yashal Shah had a final days round of 68, the best score in amateur category and finished at a score of 219, three over par.

Amongst the professionals, the superb ones were professionals Hamza Amin and Ahmed Baig who are associated with Rumanza Golf Club. Hamza Amin had three rounds scores of 70, 71 and 68 while Ahmed Baig had scores of 69, 68 and 69. A remarkable show of skills from these leading golf professionals of the country.

At the conclusion of All Pakistan  Inter Club Golf Championship 2022  the winning teams were awarded medals and cash prizes by Major General Zafar Marwat along with Mr. Fayyaz Ahmed Khan, Tournament Director and Mr. Habib ur Rehman.

Day 2 | Garrison Club On Top

The three days All Pakistan Inter Club Golf Championship 2022 hosted by Rumanza Golf and Country Club Management makes headway into the final phase at the sublime and marvelous par 72, Rumanza Golf Course. This All Pakistan Inter Club Golf Championship will conclude on Sunday.

The second day leading team – Garrison Club of All Pakistan Inter Club Golf Championship 2022 hosted by Rumanza Golf and Country Club, Multan – Allsportspk

After two days of intense golf competition the lead team is Garrison Club out ten member teams of Karachi Golf Club, Airmen Golf Club, DHA Karachi Golf Club, Rawalpindi Golf Club, Bahria Garden City, Islamabad Club, Lahore Gymkhana, Lahore Garrison and Rumanza Golf Club. 

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Prominent players of Pakistan Inter Club Golf 2022 (L to R) Salman Jehangir,
Damil Ataullah, Saad Habib and Yashal Shah – Allsportspk

The Garrison team aggregate score at the conclusion of the second round is 1043 while nearest rivals Karachi Golf Club are placed at a team aggregate score of 1054. In third place is the Lahore Gymkhana Team and their aggregate score is 1060. Aggregate team scores of the remaining participating teams are Rawalpindi Golf Club 1068, Rumanza Golf Club 1070, DHA Karachi 1072, Bahria Garden City 1120 and Airmen Golf Club 1122.

For the Garrison Team their very young amateurs Damil Ataullah and Ahmed Sultan Kayani were outstanding and played dynamically and vigorously to enhance the winning chances of their team with Damil playing a round of gross 69, three under par and Ahmed Sultan, gross 70, two under par in the second round on Saturday.

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An advantage oriented contribution came through the performance of their professionals, Matloob Ahmed, gross 72 and Muhammed Alam, gross 73. Their senior amateur Tariq Mehmood to the utter surprise of many young ones stood the test of the Rumanza Golf Course with maturity and came up with an impressive score of gross 73.

For the Karachi Team their amateur category team members Saim Shazli, Yashal Shah and Arsalan Shikoh Khan came up with rounds of excellence and enabled their team to hold on to the second position status. Their professionals M. Zubair and Mudasir Iqbal gave their parent club scores that were praiseworthy and also admirable were their senior amateurs Khurram Khan, Khalid Jamil Siddique and Asad I.A. Khan.

Lahore Gymkhana owes its third position status to amateur players, Salman Jehangir, Qasim Ali Khan, Hussain Hamid and senior amateurs Omer Javed Zia and Asim Tiwana. Somehow their golf professionals did not come up to expectations and lacked the required spark.

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In the race for individual honors Damil Atatullah is in the forefront with two rounds scores of gross 70 on the first day and gross 69 on the second day. His two rounds aggregate score of 139 reflects ability and competence .Another one who stands out is Omer Khalid of DHA, Karachi. His scores for two rounds were 71 and 72, the total being 143.

A few other upcoming young ones who played distinctively are Saad Habib, Saim Shazli, Ahmed Sultan and Humna Amjad. The amateur with the best gross score will be spiritually blessed with a seven days Umra sojourn. The prize for a hole in one car remains unclaimed.