Around 30 players have participated in the Tennis League, held at Islamabad. Boys and Girls from Rawalpindi and Islamabad took part in the Tennis League. Tennis League will allow participants to show their potential and prepare for the National Tournaments coming up next month. 

Boys & Girls Over-16 (Round Robin) 

Yawar Ali Bt Umer Masood 5-2; Abdullah Bt Hamza Al Zuhair 5-0; Azeena Aleem Bt Sehar Aleem 6-4; Yawar Ali Bt Hamza Al Zuhair 5-0; Abdullah Bt Umer Masood 5-0; Yawar Ali Bt Hazma Ul Zuhair 5-0; Abdullah Bt Umer Masood 5-0;  Umer Masood Bt Hamza Ul Zuhair 5-3; Sehar Aleem Bt Amara Khan 5-0; Yawar Ali Bt Sehar Aleem 5-1; Umer Masood Bt Sehar Aleem 5-0; Abdullah Bt Azeena Aleem 5-1;  

U-10 Boys & Girls (Round Robin) 

Amir Masood Bt Arshman Maqsood 4-0; Wishal arshad Bt Fatima Maqsood 4-1; Amir Masood Bt Moin Uddin 4-0; Wishal Arshad Bt Amna Maqsood 4-2; Fatima Maqsood Bt Amna Maqsood 4-2; Ayesha Masood Bt Waishal Arshad 4-1; Ayesha Masood Bt amir Masood 5-3;  Amir Masood Bt Moin Uddin 4-0; Arshmnan Maqsood Bt Moin Uddin 5-4(5); Fatima Maqsood Bt Amna Maqsood 4-2; Moin Uddin Bt Fatima Maqsood 4-2; Wishal Arshad Bt Amna Maqsod 4-2; Arshman Maqsood Bt Amna Mqasood 4-2; Behroze Maimoon Bt Arshman Maqsood 5-3; Wishal Arshad Bt Moin Uddin 4-2; Behroze Maimoon Bt Fatima Maqsood 4-1; Behroze Maimoon Bt Amir Masood 5-4(4); 

U-12 Boys & Girls (Round Robin) 

Abdul Wasay Bt Muhammad Taha 5-1; Uzair Maqsood Bt Muhammad Taha 5-3; Abdul Wasay Bt Uzair Maqsood 5-1;  

U-14 Boys & Girls (Round Robin) 

Abdul Wasay Bt Sameer Maqsood 5-1; Ammar Masood  Bt Sameer Maqsood 6-5(13);  Abdul Wasay Bt Jalal Udin 5-1; Sameer Maqsood Bt Jalal Udin 5-0; Ammar Masood Bt jalal Udin 5-0.


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