Remington Gladiators and ZS Tigers recorded victories in the Super League Polo matches played at the Lahore Polo Club ground.  

Remington Gladiators Vs Premier Holdings Fighters

In the first match of the day, Remington Gladiators outpaced Premier Holdings Fighters by 8-3½. Ghulam Mustafa Monnoo was in great form and did fantastic work with horse and mallet and made a marvellous contribution of five goals. Muhammad Ali Malik and Agha Musa Ali Khan also played well from the winning team as they converted two and goal respectively. From the team Premier Holdings Fighters, which had one and a half goal handicap advantage, Adam Khan scored both the goals.  

ZS Tigers Vs Imperium Hospitality Panthers

The second match of the day was won by ZS Tigers, who defeated Imperium Hospitality Panthers with a close margin of 7-5½/. Raja Arslan Najeeb and Lt. Col. Omer Minhas were the hero of the day from the winning side as they not only played outstanding polo but also smashed in three goals each. The remaining one goal was converted by Farasat Ali Chatha. From the losing side, Abbas Mukhtar hammered a hat-trick of goals while Mumtaz Abbas Niazi and Omar Asjad Malhi struck one goal apiece.   


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