2nd PGA Ladies Golf: Rimsha Sparkles

Rimsha Ijaz Khan of Defence Raya is now a celebrated young one of ladies golf in Pakistan and once again revealed her golf playing strengths during the first round of the three rounds of 2nd PGA Ladies Golf Championship.

After the opening shot was hit by Mrs Naqi, the accomplished ladies from all over the country launched themselves in pursuit of honours and quest for supremacy as champions of the national feminine golf scene. Playing as a participant and competitor in the Gold Category, Rimsha Ijaz succeeded in showing adequate command and control during the course of shot making, chipping and putting and through a steady and consistent effort completed the 18 holes with a score of gross 75, three over par.

This effort gives her the honour of appearing as a top one on the leader board, though her closest adversary, Parkha Ijaz (Defence Raya) is right on her heels, merely one stroke behind at a score of gross 76. Parkha too impressed in her handling of tee shots and all round application of golfing skills and deservedly, she is appropriately placed for a determined fling at the title.

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Another talented one who displayed quality game was Humna Amjad of PAF Skyview Golf Club. Hitting and putting well, she compiled a score of gross 78, and her tenacious approach is worthy of wholesome applause. One more devoted one to appear as a distinguished achiever is Suneyah Osama.

Her card for the day was gross 79, a score also achieved by Aania Farooq of Karachi and Ghazala Yasmin of Garrison. The heartening aspect of this championship is that on the first day, six participating ladies were successful in breaking the barrier of 80 gross. Perhaps in the past two decades this has never happened before in Pakistan and compliments to the efforts of Pakistan Golf Federation, Punjab Golf Association and Mrs Asma Shami, this is happening now.

In the race for net honors in the Gold Category, Suneyah Osama has the best net score of 71. Following her in this race is Arooba Ali (Rawalpindi) at net 72, Parkha Ijaz at net 73, Humna Amjad at net 74 alongwith Ghazala Yasmin (Garrison) and Zaib un Nisa (Royal Palm) at net 74.

On the second today, the ladies competing in Silver and Bronze category also enter the race for prized positions. As for silver section, the prominent ones from Karachi are Naghmana Arif, Amna Amjad, Tabasum Sharif, Nida Arfeen, Marina Khan, Fauzia Naqvi and Tahira Raza. They will have to match playing skills with aspirants like Rafaqat Abjad (Rawalpindi), Zeenat Ayesha (Islamabad), Abeeda Salam (Defence Raya) and Momina Tarar (Royal Palm).

Prominent ones in Bronze Category are Rabia Tiwana, Mina Zainab and Aisha Hamid, all from Lahore Gymkhana.

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