Muhammad Abrahim (Rawalpindi) won the Men Singles U-19 finals of Punjab Junior Badminton Championships. In the Women Singles U-19 Miss Aiman Fatima (Bahawalpur) won the final. Abdullah Tahir (Multan) took the Boy’s Singles U-17 title and Miss Kashmine Nadeem (Multan) won the Girl’s Singles U-17 finale. In Boy’s Singles U-15 Khuzaima Shahzad (Faisalabad) took the title. 

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In Men Doubles U-19 Muhammad Ibrahim (Rawalpindi) & Abdullah Tahir (Multan) won the title and Miss Tayyab Shafiq (Lahore) & Aiman Fatima (Bahawalpur) won the Women Doubles U-19 Title. 

Mr. Wajid Ali Chaudhry, President Pakistan Badminton Federation distributed the trophies, certificates and cash prizes. 

Results of Finals

Boy’s Singles U-15 Final

Khuzaima Shahzad (FSD) beat Muhammad Suleman (Attock) by 16-21, 21-18, 21-15

Boy’s Singles U-17 Final

Abdullah Tahir (Multan) beat Muhammad Ahmad (Faisalabad) by 15-21, 21-18, 21-17

Winners of various Titles of the Punjab Junior Badminton Championships 2023 – PBF/Allsportspk

Girl’s Singles U-17 Final

Kashmine Nadeem (Multan) beat Sameen Faisal (Jehlum) by 21-11, 21-16

Men Singles U-19 Final

Muhammad Ibrahim (Rawalpindi) beat Muhammad Faiz (Faisalabad) by 21-23, 21-7, 21-19

Winners of various Titles of Punjab Junior Badminton Championships 2023 – PBF/Allsportspk

Women Singles U-19 Final

Aiman Fatima (Bahawalpur) beat Kanz Ul Eman (Rawalpindi) by 21-18, 16-21, 21-17

Men Doubles U-19 Final

Muhammad Ibrahim (LHR) & Abdullah Tahir (Multan) beat Saad Amir (LHR) & Amer Hassan Janjua (RWP) by 21-16, 17-21, 25-23

Women Doubles U-19 Final

Tayyaba Shafiq (LHR) & Aiman Fatima (BWP) beat Kanz Ul Eman (RWP) & Kashmine Nadeem (Multan) by 21-17, 21-10

Punjab Junior Badminton C’ships 2023: Day 2 | Quarter Finals Held

On 2nd Day of Punjab Junior Badminton Championships being hosted in Lahore, the Pre quarter and quarter-finals were played. The results were as follows:  

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Boys Single U-15 Pre Quarter Finals

Ibrahim Ahmad (LHR) beat Mira Ahmad Hafeez (RWP) by 19-21, 21-15, 21-15

Khuzaima Shahzad (FSD) beat Husain Tariq (LHR) by 21-9, 21-10

Faseh Ur Rehman (LHR) beat Hasnain Kamran (HFZ) by 21-16, 22-20

Muhammad Suleman (Attock) beat Hassan Rashid (LHR) by 21-6, 21-9

Zain Subhani (LHR) beat Ali Haider (LHR) by 21-15, 21-18

Hasam Ahmed (Gujranwala) beat Abdul Muqeet (Chiniot) BY 18-21, 21-6, 21-13

Syed Raghib Ali (HFZ) beat Abdullah Shakeel (LHR) by 21-17, 19-21, 21-12

Danyal Khan (LHR) beat Salik Lakhani (LHR) by 21-19, 21-16

Boys Singles U-17 Pre-Quarter Finals

Abdullah Tahir (Multan) beat Haroon Khuram (LHR) by 21-18, 21-12

Tufreed Ahmad Qureshi (RWP) beat Adnan Munir (HZD) by 21-18, 21-19

Sanwal Safiq (Sahiwal) beat Shahzain Gillani (LHR) by 21-16, 21-18

Muhammad Ahmad (Multan) beat Ahmed Ali Mudasar (RWL) by 21-13, 21-15

Amer Hassan Janjua (RWL) beat Hamza Waseem (Gujranwala) by 13-21, 21-14, 22-20

Muhammad Ahmad (FSD) beat Tayyab Subhani (LHR) by 21-7, 21-5

Zain Bajwa (Vehari) beat Saim Ali (LHR) by 21-13, 21-13

Men Singles U-19 Pre Quarter Finals

Sajawal Abbas (Layyah) beat Ubaidullah Shafiq (Okara) by 21-17, 21-19

Saad Amir (LHR) beat Muhammad Ahmad (LHR) beat 21-6, 21-8

Muhammad Faiz (FSD) beat Usman Ahmad (Chiniot) by 21-7, 21-11

Muhammad Ibrahim (RWP) beat Muhammad Ibrahim (Multan) by 21-9, 21-7

Faizan Asim (LHR) beat Farhan Ali (FSD) by 21-13, 22-20

Ihtisham Ul Haq (BWP) beat Rehan Ali (Sargodha) by 21-19, 24-22

Abdullah Hassan Khan (RWL) beat Rameez Nasir (LHR) by 21-14, 21-13

Boy’s Singles U-15 Quarter Finals

M Suleman (Attock) beat M Ibrahim (LHR) by 21-7, 21-14

Syed Raghib Haider (HFZ) beat Zain Subhani (LHR) by 21-15, 12-21, 24-22

Haroon Ahmed (Gujranwala) beat Danyal Khan (LHR) by 21-12, 21-15

Khuzaima Shahzad (FSD) beat Faseh Ur Rehman (LHR) by 21-10, 21-9

Boy’s Singles U-17 Quarter Finals

Amer Hassan Janjua (RWL) beat Zaina Bajwa (Vehari) by 21-14, 21-13

Muhammad Ahmed (FSD) beat Muhammad Ahmed (Multan) by 21-8, 21-10

Abdullah Tahir (Multan) beat Hussain Shahzad (LHR) by 21-16, 11-9 retired hurt

Sanwal Shafiq (Sahiwal) beat Tufreed Ahmed Qureshi (RWL) by 21-15, 21-6

Girl’s Singles U-17 Quarter Finals

Kashmine Nadeem (Multan) beat Ramaysa Faisal (Jehlum) by 21-10, 21-11

Hamna Irshad (HFZ) beat Fatima Zaheer (LHR) by 21-16, 22-20

Sameen Faisal (Jehlum) beat Sama Naveed (HFZ) by 21-14, 22-20

Areeba Butt (LHR) get walkover against Falak Raza (LHR)

Men’s Singles U-19 Quarter Finals

Saad Amir (LHR) beat Sajawal Abbas (Layyah) by 21-8, 21-7

M Ibrahim (RWL) beat Tahir Subhani (LHR) by 21-13, 21-14

M Faiz (FSD) beat Abdullah Hassan Khan (RWL) by 21-7, 21-14

Faizan Asim(LHR) beat Ihtisham Ul Haq (BWP) by 21-18, 21-15

Women’s Singles U-19 Quarter Finals

Kanzul Eman (Rwl) get bye and qualify for Semi Final

Zainab Raza (LHR) get walkover against Roshmail Jameel (Gujranwala)

Aiman Fatima (BWP) beat Zemal Khalid (LHR) by 21-2, 21-3

Tayyaba Shafiq (LHR) get walkover against Huma Akhtar (LHR)

Men Doubles U-19 Quarter Finals

Saad Amir (LHR) & Amer Hassan Janjua (RWL) beat M Ahmad & M Ibrahim (Multan) b y 21-9, 21-8

M Faiz & M Ahmad (FSD) beat Tahir Subhani & Haroon Khuram (LHR) by 21-15, 21-14

Ihtisham Ul Haq & Zain Bajwa (Multan) beat Rameez Nisar & Sanwal Shafiq (Sahiwal) by 21-10, 21-8

M Ibrahim & Abdullah Tahir (Multan) beat Ali Raza & M Ahmad (TT Singh) by 21-14, 21-13

Women Doubles U-18 Quarter Finals

Hamna & Sana (HFZ) beat Roshan e Ehsan & Areeba Butt (LHR) by 22-20, 21-19

Tayyaba Shafiq & Aiman Fatima (LHR) get walkover against Zymal Khalid & Zainab Raza (LHR)

Fatima Zaheer & Maryam Zaheer (LHR) get walkover against Roshamail & Sneha Khuram (Gujranwala)

Results of Last night matches are as under:

Boys Singles U-15 1st Round

Abdullah Shakeel (LHR) beat Danish (LHR) by 21-15, 21-8

Ali Haider (LHR) beat Tayal Intikhab Butt (LHR) by 21-15, 21-10

Zain Subhani (LHR) beat  M Ismaeel (Layyah) by 21-9, 21-2

Abdul Rehman (Chiniot) beat Syed Raghib Haider (HFZ) by 21-12, 21-9

Danyal Khan (LHR) beat M Murtaza Saleem (Gujranwala) by 21-14, 21-15

Salik Lakhani (LHR) beat M Hamza Ali Ch. (LHR) by 21-16, 21-15

Haroon Ahmad (Gujranwala) beat Huzaifa Nadeem (LHR) by 21-14, 21-14

Faseh Ur Rehman (LHR) beat M Danish Ali (LHR) by 23-21, 21-12

Hasnain Khuram (HFZ) beat Nasar Mohiudin (RYK) by 21-10, 21-13

Husain Tariq (Lhr) beat Ibrahim Khuram (Jehlum) by 21-17, 21-19

Boys Singles U-17 1st Round

Zain Shakeel (LHR) beat Sheraz Imtiaz (LHR) by 21-18, 16-21, 21-14

Sanwal Shafiq (Sahiwal) beat M Rehna Ali (LHR) by 21-8, 21-12

Shahzain Ghillani (LHR) beat Bilal Shabbir (BWN) by 21-16, 21-9

Adnan Munir (HFZ) beat M Arsham Munir (LHR) by 21-7, 21-6

Abdullah Tahir (Multan) beat Syed Faham Bukhari (Gujranwala) by 21-18, 21-13

Tufreed Ahmad Qureshi (RWP) beat M Ahmad Malhi (LHR) by 21-12, 21-15

Haroon Khuram (LHR) beat Bilal Shahzad (Okara) by 21-13, 21-14

Hussain Shahzad (LHR) beat Muhammad Ahmad (Vehari) by 21-14, 21-13

Sheraz Ahmad (LHR) beat Muhammad Abdullah (FSD) by 21-18, 21-16

Ahmad Ali Mudasar (RWP) beat M Arham Sajid (RYK) by21-16, 21-13

Men Doubles U-19 Pre Quarter Finals

Saad Amir (LHR) & Amer Hassan Janjua (RWP) beat Sajawal & Mutwassam (Layyah) by 21-4, 21-4

M Ahmad & M Ibrahim (Multan) beat Abdurehman Yaqoob & Hamza Waseem (Jhang) by 22-20, 21-18

M Faiz & M Ahmad (FSD) beat Sheraz Imtiaz & Muhammad Ahmad Gul (LHR) by 21-2, 21-7

Ihtisham Ali (RWP) & Zain Bajwa (Multan) beat M Ahmad & M Shamyal (LHR) by 21-10, 21-7

Ali Raza & M. Ahmed (TT Singh) beat Usman Ahmad & Abdul Muqeet (Chiniot) by 21-13, 18-21, 21-8

M Ibrahim (RWP) & Abdullah Tahir (Multan) beat Farhan Ali & Adnan Munir (HFZ) by 21-18, 21-13

Ali Raza & M Ahmad (TT Singh) beat Abdur Rehman & M Harris (FSD) by 21-17, 21-19

Schedule of Semi Finals are attached,

Schedule Of 30th May 2023 Matches

EventTimeCourt No.
Women’s Singles U-19 Semi-Finals9:00 am1
Boy’s Singles U-17 Semi Finals9:00 am2
Men’s Singles U-19 Semi Finals9:00 am3
Girl’s Singles U-17 Semi Finals10:00 am1
Women’s Doubles U-19 Semi-Finals10:00 am2
Men’s Doubles U-19 Semi-Finals10:00 am3
Men’s Doubles U-19 Semi Finals11:00 am1,2


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