The governing body of the sport of Rugby – WR World Rugby, in order to minimize the risk of corona virus transmission during the future fixtures, has approved some law trials and also issued certain guidelines.

WR has clarified that the hygienic measures and the law trials are not compulsory to be followed in each Rugby playing nation. Thereby, each federation may form locally suitable protocols, with assistance of the guidelines issued by the World Rugby.

The law trials were formulated by the Law Review Group of World Rugby, after the analysis of
60 matches held previously. In total ten law trials were reported by the Law Review Group, but the the governing body approved only the ones appended below.

  • The approved law trials for the upcoming matches include:
  • The removal of the choke tackle,
  • Reduction of the number of scrums during the match,
  • Limiting the numbers of the players in a maul and
  • Limiting the time for a maul as well.

As to the guidelines some of the salient features are:

A number of hygiene procedural guidelines for training sessions and matches have been formally recommended which include:

  • Washing of the ball at frequent occasions during the match, and also at the start and the beginning of the game.
  • The sanitation of hands and the face has also been referred.

During training sessions:

  • Machines may be used in place of actual forward players to practice for scrums.
  • Mauling and scrummaging 48 hours before the match must also be avoided.

During the matches:

  • Players have been asked to change their kits at half-time, or whenever the possibility of it arises.
  • Plus, the players have been advised to observe contact less celebrations and refrain from team huddles.
  • Spitting and nose-clearance must also be avoided.


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