The ITF announced the launch of the Rules of Tennis app. Allsportspk supporting all gestures which help to educate and extend sport knowledge, appends below the ITF press release (slightly amended for editorial and easy understanding purpose).

The app is available for free and has been released as part of the ITF’s wider education drive which earlier this week saw resources on the ITF Academy educational platform made available for free.

The new app will be an essential tool to communicate those rules, including the latest amendments, to the millions of people involved in tennis – from those at the top of the sport to recreational players across the world.

ITF has taken this initiative as being the world governing body for tennis, itis responsible for protecting the integrity of the game through the determination of the rules of tennis.

While the basic rules of tennis are understood by many, there is much more to the game than meets the eye. Thereby, the app. will help to instantly answer and clarify questions such as – Is one member of a doubles team allowed to play alone against their opponents? Can players use a racket with broken strings? And what happens if a passing bird interferes with play?

From the obvious to the obscure, the Rules of Tennis app is a comprehensive but easy-to-use guide to the complete rules of a sport that is enjoyed by more than a billion people globally.

The app also includes the rules of beach and wheelchair tennis, as well as practical examples of how those rules should be applied.

To download the app, search ‘Rules of Tennis’ on Google Play for android devices or the App Store on Apple devices.

For more details about educational opportunities, including free coaching courses, you can register for the ITF Academy here.