Scrabble Pakistan: The Signature 9th (Monthly) Ranking Tournament

KARACHI: The Signature 9th Ranking Tournament is being held at the Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi. This is the 9th edition of Monthly Tournaments.

According to the rules, the Signature 9th Ranking Tournament is an Open – One Day Event. Tournament and players from all age groups can participate. The players are divided among 5 categories based on their national ratings. A total of 9 games are played by the Premier, Masters and Advance Category and 7 games are played by Recreational and Novice Category. Top 3 from each Category will receive trophies.

The final list of the participants of the Signature 9th Ranking Tournament is:

Players Roster

The LIVE Results can be seen via the link below:

Signature 8th Ranking Tournament: LIVE Score

Complete Results of May 2019 –
Signature 8th Ranking Tournament

Division M Round 9 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
19–0+813Siddiqui, Anwar (M7)1W:394-385:M8
26–3+191Mehmood, Nasir (M1)2W:435-389:M2
36–3+88Naqvi, Fahim (M6)1W:465-386:M5
45–4+375Waqar, Saim (M3)1W:410-326:M4
54–5βˆ’70Ali, Hasan (M8)2L:385-394:M7
64–5βˆ’217Baig, Waseem (M5)2L:386-465:M6
73–6βˆ’2Ansari, Shahroz (M4)2L:326-410:M3
83–6βˆ’153Wahid, Abdul (M2)1L:389-435:M1
93–6βˆ’279Rehman, Misbah (M9)2W:449-243:M10
102–7βˆ’746Hassan, Shehryar (M10)1L:243-449:M9

Division R Round 7 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–1+629Hijazi, Hannan (R18)1W:369-328:R11
26–1+333Imtiaz, Afham (R6)1W:337-273:R15
35–2+490Ahmed, Basir (R7)1W:447-331:R14
45–2+197Abbas, Shane (R10)2W:350-328:R9
55–2+115Abid, Shazia (R12)1W:334-327:R3
65–2+56Aziz, Anjum (R15)2L:273-337:R6
74–3+45Qazi, Azlan (R11)2L:328-369:R18
84–3+37Faisal, Huzaifa (R13)2W:388-286:R17
93–4+153Owais, Sehan (R14)2L:331-447:R7
103–4+72Ahmed, Aehzam (R5)1W:408-308:R8
113–4+41Mehdi, Hamza (R3)2L:327-334:R12
123–4+8Ahmed, Kamran (R4)2W:377-309:R2
133–4βˆ’39Ilyas, Dua (R9)1L:328-350:R10
142–5+196Vohra, Saad (R1)2W:516-103:R16
152–5+87Adnan, Hamda (R17)1L:286-388:R13
162–5βˆ’107Khawer, Rao (R2)1L:309-377:R4
172–5βˆ’190Ahmed, Fawaz (R8)2L:308-408:R5
180–7βˆ’2123Shahadat, Ayaan (R16)1L:103-516:R1

World Scrabble Rankings – 19th February ’19: Nigel Richards Closes In On World No.1 Position

Signature 8th Ranking Tournament

Division N Round 7 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–1+819Salman, Ali (N6)2W:453-219:N19
26–1+359Shamim, Ayesha (N8)1L:230-239:N26
35½–1Β½+301Asher, Bilal (N26)2W:239-230:N8
45–2+271Waqar, Zahra (N15)1W:273-189:N23
55–2+100Ahmed, Muhammad (N17)2W:277-161:N1
64½–2Β½+213Asher, Manaal (N3)1W:265-217:N28
74–3+249Aziz, Maryam (N16)1L:166-190:N12
84–3+136Mehdi, Ayaan (N12)2W:190-166:N16
94–3+66Ayaz, Mohid (N20)1W:299-142:N13
104–3+65Siddiqui, Sabihuddin (N18)2L:253-263:N14
114–3βˆ’59Tailli, Quratulain (N14)1W:263-253:N18
124–3βˆ’109Irfan, Khadija (N13)2L:142-299:N20
134–3βˆ’202Adnan, Mishal (N19)1L:219-453:N6
144–3βˆ’214Hassan, Maaz (N1)1L:161-277:N17
153–4βˆ’32Naseem, Irteza (N4)1L:166-184:N11
163–4βˆ’36Kumar, Luksh (N11)2W:184-166:N4
173–4βˆ’51Aziz, Alishaan (N28)2L:217-265:N3
183–4βˆ’60Khan, Ahmed (N24)2W:236-155:N5
183–4βˆ’60Ahmed, Faizan (N23)2L:189-273:N15
203–4βˆ’385Aziz, Ali (N27)2W:224-195:N25
212–5βˆ’101Ehzam, Muhammad (N7)1W:129-104:N21
222–5βˆ’188Shahadat, Aiza (N21)2L:104-129:N7
232–5βˆ’298Ahmed, Shahjahan (N5)1L:155-236:N24
241–6βˆ’100Hassan, Rayyan (N25)1L:195-224:N27
251–6βˆ’265Faisal, Taha (N22)2L:163-186:N9
261–6βˆ’419Aijaz, Aayan (N9)1W:186-163:N22

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