Sportsmen Winning Hearts: Mo Salah Forgives & Helps A Thief    

Photo: File

After guiding Liverpool to the Champions Trophy triumph, Egyptian player Mo Salah’s off-field behaviour is also winning the hearts of the fans.  

In a viral story on social media, football journalist Jack Sear tweeted about an incident where the Salah helped a thief who tried to rob his family.  

Sharing the story, Sear wrote that while Salah was playing in Alexandria, Egypt his family were robbed. The thief was caught a couple of days later and it was the intention of Salah’s father to register press charges.

“When his son heard what happened, however, he asked him to drop the case. What happened next gives you the biggest insight of all into his character, as Salah gave the thief some money to get his life up and running and tried to help him find a job,” Sear further shared.  

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Meanwhile, Salah, through his character and personality has helped in reducing Islamohpobia by 18 percent in United Kingdom. 

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