The Unusual – Juggling & Uni-cycling: On Top of The World

The video is a fusion of feats performed by a deft on top of an extremely high chimney like structure. The dare devil exhibits as an astonishing juggler in the first part of the video and as an efficient uni-cycler in the second part. The performance locks the viewer in a spell and the guts compel every looker-on to praise his efforts. No doubt, this is a piece worth-watching.

Commonly, balls are used as props by jugglers. But toss-juggling on the sticks placed across the diameter of supposedly a high-rise chimney strikes one with awe. Balancing over the sticks while going across the chimney-hole produces chill-waves across one’s body even at imagining the scenario. But Voila! The confident walk while tossing up a ball, catching the other & re-iterating simply casts a spell on the viewer. The absence of shakiness in the legs, a fine walk, an adroit balance & beautiful juggling performance – all of these are adding up to a professional representation of the extra-ordinarily talented human.

Furthermore, the tiny fields and houses around the chimney area are looking like ‘minute toy models’, emphasizing on the soaring height of the edifice on which the video is being shot. Risking his life for recreation, his idea was not a credible one but the purpose of his efforts of climbing up there and securing a shot.

The video does not terminate at the remarkable show of juggling, rather continues with unfolding of a new feat of unicycle at the brick-covered circular surface. Daring souls like this dare-devil seems to have collected an enormous amount of dedication and strength in order to result in such an amazing master-piece, leaving the audience in caught up in webs of amusement. The point in the video where he jumps with that ‘one-wheel’ over the sticks, strikes one with heebie-jeebies. At this point, the feat-performer in red shirt comments that the bricks are uneven and moving! He was either lucky enough or a very professional -Well, the latter seems to be the real case.

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