UFC: Nate Diaz’s Most Epic Fights

Nate Diaz vs. conor mcregor

Cherish him or loathe him, there is no denying that Nate Diaz is presently, one of the greatest fighters in the UFC circuit. Also, the declaration a week ago, that the Stokton local is returning in November to go head to head with the intense Lightweight fighter, Dustin Poirier is already trending on social media.

A polarizing figure for whatever length of time that he has been in the UFC, Diaz is really a standout amongst the most tenured warriors of this generation. The fighter first came to scene in 2007, won Season 5 of The Ultimate Fighter, and since then has ventured into the Octagon a further 22 times since this triumph. En route he has had extraordinary wins, poor misfortunes, and some truly paramount battles.

In this article, Allsportspk presents the most epic fights that Diaz has fought in his mesmerizing career so far.

#5 UFC Fight Night 13 – Vs. Kurt Pellegrino 

Vs. Kurt Pellegrino nate diaz

It is very simple to overlook that while Nate Diaz won his share of TUF (TV Series), in what was a fluke, as after a backward and forward first round, his opponent Manny Gamburyan was impelled to tap out after re-exasperating current shoulder damage.

However, Diaz did win his next two battles in a dominant fashion, by stunningly submitting Junior Assuncao and Alvin Robinson. However, in mid 2008 experts were still not convinced as to whether he could cut it at the top level of this sport.

And it was not until Fight Night 13, that Nate Diaz proved his competence for the first class level. The UFC fighter faced his hardest adversary to date, Kurt Pellegrino who had a record of 3-1 in the UFC and was a prevalent wrestler and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu dark belt.

In the first round, Pellegrino’s experience gave off an impression of being obvious, as regardless of being an even round when it came to hooking, Pellegrino was the one doing the majority of the harm with his ground-based striking.

In the 2nd round, Nate Diaz caught his opponent in a stifle. Seconds into this stifle, Pellegrino was compelled to feebly tap out, however it was the nature of Diaz’s excellent finishing technique that made it a great Diaz moment.

This finish also stays a standout amongst the most paramount in UFC history over 10 years on. And, after this win, Diaz was prepared for the top level, and there was no uncertainty about his wild disposition, as well.

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