Andrey Borodin adds his name to Guards Polo Club’s oldest trophy, while Armis Snake Bite win Mountbatten Trophy

Allsportspk Editorial addition: Two players from Pakistan participated ‚Äď Refer to the team list appended below

Park Place confirmed their status as the leading 15-goal team in the UK after winning the Bentley Motors Royal Windsor Cup. In a thrilling game on The Queen‚Äôs Ground, Andrey Borodin‚Äôs team defeated Charlie Wooldridge‚Äôs Twelve Oaks 8-7. This win is particularly impressive as 21 teams entered this year’s tournament.

There had not been much air between Park Place and Twelve Oaks throughout these five chukkas, played in the presence of HM The Queen, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and Dr Andreas Offermann, the member of the Bentley board for sales and marketing. Strong defensive play from both sides stopped either team running away with this game, ensuring a fast and competitive match for the many spectators.

South African international Chris Mackenzie, later named the Bentley Motors Most Valuable Player, gave Park Place a 6-4 lead at half-time and when team-mate Juan Britos converted a penalty in the fourth, it looked as if Twelve Oaks’ chances were over. Charlie Wooldridge’s team had other ideas though. A successful penalty was followed by some brilliant play from Chris Hyde in the fifth and final chukka. He found some space in a huddle of players, creating a clear path to goal to level the scores.

The crowds were eager for extra time ‚Äď this final had been a fitting end to the UK‚Äôs leading 15-goal tournament ‚Äď but Mackenzie put paid to that. He fired through a ball on the bell to guarantee that it was Park Place‚Äôs name that was added to Guards Polo Club‚Äôs oldest trophy. The pony Mackenzie was playing in this chukka, Crystal, was later named the Bentley Motors Royal Windsor Cup Best Playing Pony. This nine-year-old mare, a former racehorse, had also been played by Chris in the second chukka. In a generous gesture, Mackenzie invited Crystal‚Äôs groom, Amber Jacobs, to receive the pony‚Äôs prizes from HM The Queen.

An earlier match, for the subsidiary Mountbatten Trophy, saw a win for Maximillian Kirchoff’s Armis Snake Bite. They beat Henry Porter’s GSA 11-9 on The Duke’s Ground. Lady Tatiana Mountbatten presented the prizes after another, equally tough game, which saw England internationals James Beim and James Harper forge a strong partnership for Armis Snake Bite, delivering victory for their patron.

There was one further match on this day ‚Äď a Penny Farthing Polo International ‚Äď featuring England v Scotland. This is the first time that penny farthing polo has been played at Guards Polo Club, but this six-chukka match generated much interest. England, led by Neil Laughton, came out top, defeating Scotland, captained by David Fox Pitt, 8-4.

The day concluded with the elegant parade of the championship winners from the neighbouring British Driving Society Show. Both HM The Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, who had watched the parade from the Royal Box, spent time with each winner after presenting them with their winners’ rosettes.

Park Place: Andrey Borodin (0); Nico Roberts (3); Juan Britos (6); Chris Mackenzie (6). Twelve Oaks: Charlie Wooldridge (1); Charlie Hanbury (4); Oliver Cudmore (5); Chris Hyde (5).

Armis Snake Bite: Maximillian Kirchoff (0); David Ashby (3); James Harper (6); James Beim (6). GSA: Henry Porter (2); Adolfo Casabal (4); Satnam Dhillon (5); Matias Machado (4).

The Teams and Players which participated include:

League One League Three League Five
Four Quarters
Ballinger Polo Team

Matias Amaya 5
James Cooper 1
Tomas Ruiz Guinazu 5

Clarita Black Black
Chris Mathias 0
Freddie Horne 3
Michel del Carril 6
George Meyrick 6

Emlor S Red/Black
James McCarthy 1
Spencer McCarthy1
Alejandro Muzzio 7
Nacho Gonzalez 6

Mad Dogs Green
Alan Fall 0
Ralph Richardson2
Will Emerson 5
Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8

Black Black
Romilla Arber 0
Richard Le Poer6
John Paul Clarkin7
Kian Hall2

Marcus Cork 1
Andrew Dechet2
Hissam Ali Hyder 6
Manuel Plaza 6

Park Place
Royal Blue
Andrey Borodin0
Tom Brodie 3
Juan Britos 6 Chris MacKenzie 6

Twelve Oaks Blue/White
Charlie Wooldridge1 Oliver Cudmore 5
Chris Hyde 5 Charlie Hanbury 4


Altamira Madams
Adriano Agosti 0
John Kent 2
Alberto (Pepe) Heguy 7
Gaston Laulhe 6

Apes Hill

Luke Wiles 1
Tommy Severn 2
Isidro Strada 6
Mark Tomlinson 6

Four Quarters
Orange Orange/Black
Simon Arber 0
Benjamin Urquiza5
Glen Sherriff 5
Tom Morley 5

Kassem Shafi 0
Ed Hitchman 4
Jack Richardson6
Vieri Antinori 5

Snake Bite
Maximilian Kirchhoff 0
David Ashby 3
James Beim 6
James Harper 6 

Clarke and Green Green
Nick Clarke 1
Alec White 4
George Hanbury 3
Juan Gris Zavaleta 7

Ferne Park Grey/Green
Vere Harmsworth 0 Joshua Cork 2
Ignacio Negri 6
Joaquin Pittaluga 7

Sifani Black/White
Hilali Noordeen0
Julian De Lusarreta 7
Jeronimo del Carril 6
Ed Banner-Eve2

Emlor C Red
Emma McCarthy 0
Jose Ramon Araya 2
Manuel Fernandez Llorente 6
Marcos Araya 7

Henry Porter 2
Satnam Dhillon 5
Adolfo Casabal 4
Matias Machado 4

HB Polo Red/Blue
Ludovic Pailloncy 1
Sebastien Pailloncy 3
Max Charlton 7
Pedro Harrison 4

King Power Blue/White
Apichet Srivaddhanaprabha 0
Marcos Di Paola 7
Francisco Elizalde 8
Will Harper 0

Les Lions Blue/Red
Max Gottschalk 0
Jaime Huidobro 7
Eduardo Novillo Astrada 8
Joachim Gottschalk 0


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