University of Lahore Mix Martial Arts Event concluded in which Pakistani players dominated.

The results were:

– 1st Pro-Bout: Pakistani Kamran Iqbal beat Sri Lankan player Tiran Thakahala via KO in First round – 3 Minutes and 16 seconds.

– 2nd Pro-Bout: Haider Farman beat M.Jamil in 2nd round – 3 Minutes 32 seconds forfeit

– 3rd Pro-Bout: Najam Khan of Pakistan out classed Farid Rohani of Afghanistan via TKO in 1st round – 1 Minute and 54 seconds.

– 4th Pro-Bout: Alamger Khan of Synergy beat Changezi of Independent Via TKO in 1st round – 02 Minutes and 07 seconds.

In Amateur Bouts:

– Haider Ali of K1 beat Farid Lodhi of Fredom club via Unanimous Decision.

– Mohmil Khan of Victory beat Qudratullah of Freedom via Unanimous Decision.

– M. Fateh of Russia lost against Malik Muslim Zada of Afghanistan via Unanimous Decision.

– Zia Mashwani of TFF beat Ashfaq Ali of Legend) via TKO 3rd Round – 1 Minute and 01 seconds.

– M. Agha of Zaman club lost against Atif Khan of Shafi club via Unanimous decision.

– Nazeer Khan of Victory club beat Dawood Jan of Shafi via TKO 1st Round – 1 Minute and 02 seconds.

– Irfan Ahmed of Synergy beat vs Ijaz Ahmed of K-1 via Guillotine 1st Round – 2 Minutes.

– Shah Nawaz of Pakistan beat Qaseem Qarizada of Afghanistan via RNC (Rear Naked Choke) 1st Round – 1 Minute and 33 seconds.


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