Australian team defeated New Zealand by 2 goals, 10-8 after 6 chukkas at the Larapinta Equestrian Club near Brisbane, to qualify for the XII FIP World Polo Championships taking place in USA, later during 2022.

This was the second last of the five zone playoffs played between 25 countries which leads to eight teams advancing to the World Polo Championship. The Zone E playoff between Pakistan and India is the only qualifying encounter pending, which will be decided on 9th and 11th of September.

The eight teams are the winners from Zones A, B, D, E, the top two teams from Zone C, the previous winner and the host country team.

Zones wise qualified teams are as appended below:

Zone A – North and Central America

Qualified Team Mexico

Zone B – South America

Qualified Team Uruguay

Zone C – Europe

Qualified Team Spain & Italy

Zone D – Asia and Oceania

Qualified Team Australia

Zone E – Africa, Pakistan and India

To Be Decided after 9th & 11th September Playoff matches

Previous Winner


Host Country Team


The Zone D playoff playing teams of Australia and New Zealand included the following players:

Australia Polo Team

1. Cody Grimes – A 2 Goaler is a 16 years old who’s father has been a horse trainers. Has won 14 tournaments for his home town Ellerston and Garangula with Metahorses and won the Bob Scene Trophy.

2. Alec White – 5 Goal handicapped is a 32 years old from the Scone Polo Club. Has played polo internationally with main participation emphasis on the English High Goal tournaments and representing Australia during the 2011 World Cup in Argentina.

3. Jack Archibald – A 5 Goaler aged 32, started playing in local polo club – Scone in the Hunter Valley. Has played mostly in Garangula, Australia and Black Bears, England. Captained Australia in the last World Cup held at Sydney Polo Club.

4. Dylan Jones – 20 year old 2 goal handicapped player. Based in the Hawkesbury region has been involved in riding since the age of 13 years old. Since has played polo in Australia and also England where he has participated in 3 seasons, trained young horses and worked with a high goal team.

Reserve – Lachie Gilmore – 4 Goal player who is 22 years old and started playing polo as soon as he could walk. Presently, plays globally on full time basis. Winnings include Australia vs New Zealand 2017; Christchurch, Archie David Cup; England, Dudley Cup 2021, Gold and Silver Cup 2021.

Reserve – Angus Gilmore – A 2 Goal player started playing polo on the Darling Downs in Queensland with his family.

New Zealand Polo Team

1. Edward Elworthy Jones – A 19 year 2 Goal player who plays for Hololio polo club, based in Clevedon, Auckland. His father and elder brother have been a professional player. Has been selected for New Zealand and played alongwith two of New Zealand’s best in Glenn and Craig.

2. Ethan Wade – A 2 Goal player is 21 years old and was born in Chichester, England. Based in Clevedon, NZ. Presently, studying Civil Engineering is playing for the Auckland Polo Club. Has played in a New Zealand school’s team against Australia and the New Zealand colt’s team. Has twice played and won the New Zealand Polo Open.

3. Craig Wilson – 5 Goal player is a 48 year old farmer from the Waimai Valley. Has played internationally including Australia.

4. Angus McKelvie – 5 Goal handicapped has played as a professional polo player for 10 years in United Kingdom. Presently, lives in New Zealand and is a breeder and trainer of polo ponies and regularly competes in the NZ polo season.

Reserve – Nick Keyte – A 34 year old, 4 Goaler belongs to a polo family. Plays both in New Zealand and Australia, managing Brinks polo and Larapinta Equestrian. Achievements include, winning of the Australian Open, Australian gold cup and Kihikihi week.

Reserve – Liam Parrott – 1 Goal player is a third generation polo player from the Waimai Polo Club. Currently, studying in University at Lincoln in Christchurch has represented New Zealand twice in the national secondary schools team.