Shocking: Zimbabwe National Rugby Team Spend Night On Street In Tunisia

Zimbabwe National Rugby Team

The Zimbabwe National Rugby team were in Tunisia for a Test match that is a part of the 2019 World Cup qualifying campaign. But, lack of travel allowances forced the Zimbabwean national rugby team to spend a night in the streets.

This incident was first pointed out on social media which became viral in a matter of hours.

Although, there was a pre-booked accommodation for the team but the standard plus the hospitality was so poor that Zimbabwe National Rugby team recorded their protest by sleeping on the street.

Overnight, this incident became such a big issue that in the morning, Tunisia Rugby Union and Rugby Africa made an official statement in which they apologized. And, assured that alternative accommodation has been arranged for the National Rugby team.

Here are some of the reactions of angry and concerned fans as they express their views about this incident regarding Zimbabwe National Rugby Team.

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