The matches schedule of first FMC Squash Premier League was announced as follows:

– Event will start from 17th April at 11 a.m.
– Daily 4 teams will play each other
– The daily matches will continue till 4 p.m.

Details of event as below:

17th April, 2017:

– Services Stars vs Diamond Paints Lions,
– Treet Falcons vs Trust Mavericks,
– FMC Strikers vs Matrix Tigers

18 April 2017: 

– Services Stars vs Trust Mavericks,
– Diamond Paints Lions vs Matrix Tigers,
– FMC Strikers vs GNC Nicks

19 April 2017: 

– Services Stars vs Matrix Tigers,
– Diamond Paints Lions vs GNC Nicks,
– Treet Falcons vs FMC Strikers

20 April 2017: 

– Matrix Tigers vs GNC Nicks,
– Trust Mavericks vs FMC Strikers,
– Diamond Paints Lions vs Treet Falcons

21 April 2017: 

– Services Stars vs GNC Nicks,
– Matrix Tigers vs Treet Falcons,
– Trust Mavericks vs Diamond Paints Lions    

22 April 2017: 

– Services Stars vs FMC Strikers,
– GNC Nicks vs Treet Falcons,
– Matrix Tigers  vs Trust Mavericks

23 April 2017: 

– Services Stars vs Treet Falcons, FMC Strikers vs Diamond Paints Lions, GNC Nicks vs Trust Mavericks

FMC Squash Premier League

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