On the first day¬†–¬†21 matches were played and decided¬†between 6 teams and the results were:

–¬†Servis Stars ¬†beat ¬†Diamond Paints Lions 4-3
–¬†Women Category: Saima Shaukat (Diamond Paints Lions) beat Noor Ul Ain Ijaz (Service Stars) score11/6,11/5,11/4 (12¬†minutes).
–¬†Men Senior Category: Israr Ahmad (Diamond Paints Lions) beat M.Farhan (Servis Stars) score 11/4,11/4,11/2 (13 minutes).
–¬†Under-19 Boys Category: Abdul Qadir (Diamond Paints Lions) beat Shehzad Khan (Servis Stars) score 11/4, 11/3,8/11,11/9 (23 minutes).
–¬†Under-17 Boys Category: Muhammad Ahsan (Servis Stars) beat Zohair Shahid Diamond Paints Lions) score 11/7,12/11,8/11,8/11,11/7 (33¬†minutes).
–¬†Under-15 Boys Category: Ashab Irfan (Servis Stars) beat Mustafa Asghar (Diamond Paints Lions) score 11/4,11/2,11/6 (10¬†minutes).
–¬†Under-13 Boys Category: Mir Fayyaz (Servis Stars) beat Azlan Khawar (Diamond Paints Lions) score 9/11,9/11/,11/8,11/4,12/10 (38 minutes).
–¬†Under-11 Boys Category: Anas Bukhari (Servis Stars) beat Zuraiz Naeem (Diamond Paints Lions) score 11/7,12/10,11/8 (20 minutes).

Treet Falcons beat Trust Mavericks 4-3
–¬†Women Category: Zoya Khalid (Trust Mavericks) beat Aiman Shahbaz (Treet Falcons) score 11/8,11/2,11/8 (23 minutes).
–¬†Men Senior Category: Amaad Fareed (Trust Mavericks) beat Sheikh Saqib (Treet Falcons) score 11/8,4/11,11/5,4/11,3/11 (38¬†minutes).
–¬†Under-19 Boys Category: Salman Saleem (Trust Mavericks) beat Haris Qasim (Treet Falcons) score 11/2 Retired Hurt (7 minutes).
–¬†Under-17 Boys Category: Ibtisam Riaz (Treet Falcons) beat Abubar Khan (Trust Mavericks) score 11/4,11/3,11/4 (15 minutes).
–¬†Under-15 Boys Category:¬†Tayyab Rauf (Treet Falcons) beat Junaid Khan (Trust Mavericks) score 11/6,11/6,12/10 (22 minutes).
–¬†Under-13 Boys Category:¬†Khaqan Malik (Treet Falcons) beat Abdullah Rasheed (Trust Mavericks) score 20/18,11/8,13/11 (25 minutes).
–¬†Under-11 Boys Category: Hamza Shaukat (Treet Falcons) beat Mehmood Mehboob (Trust Mavericks) score 10/12,11/5,11/9,11/2 (26 minutes).

FMC Strickers  beat Matrix Tigers 4-3
–¬†Women Category: Sammar Anjum (Matrix Tigers) beat Tehrima Islam (FMC Strickers) score 11/2,11/2,11/5 (21¬†minutes).
–¬†Men Senior Category: Asim Khan (FMC Strikers) beat Kashif Asif (Matrix Tigers) score 9/11,11/7,9/11,11/7,11/5 (38¬†minutes)
–¬†Under-19 Boys Category: Uzair Rasheed (FMC Strikers) beat Abdul Mughni (Matrix Tigers) score 11/9,11/3,11/5 (20 minutes).
–¬†Under-17 Boys Category: Moaz Khan (Matrix Tigers) beat Malik Moiz (FMC Strikers) score 17/15,11/9,11/8 (37 minutes).
–¬†Under-15 Boys Category: Usman Allaudin (FMC Strikers) beat Usman Nadeem (Matrix Tigers) score 12/10,11/7,11/6 (14 minutes).
–¬†Under-13 Boys Category: Kaleem Ullah (FMC Strikers) beat Ahad Shaukat (Matrix Tigers) score 11/9,8/11,8/11,11/4,11/6 (28 minutes).

–¬†Under-11 Boys Category: Muhammad Ahmad (Matrix Tigers) beat Abdullah Nadeem (FMC Strickers) score 11/5,11/4,11/7 (13¬†minutes).

First FMC Squash Premier League: Group Photo of players and coaches with Secretary Squash of Punjab Sheraz Saleem