Results of 3rd May Matches

Match No. 1

Islamabad All Stars   Vs    Faisalabad Sherdils

     19                                   35   

Match No. 2

Kashmir Janbaaz Vs Multan Sikander

 31                        30

Match No. 3

Gujrat Warriors Vs Lahore Thunder

35                     25

Match No. 4
Sahiwal Bulls Vs Sahiwal Bulls
    30                          37


1st Super Kabaddi League: Matches Schedule 2nd – 10th May

 Matches Schedule for 4 th May 2018

  Time: 1st Match will be start at 06:30 pm 

   Venue: Nishtar Park, Sports Complex, Lahore

Match No. 1Gwadar Bahadurs Vs Lahore Thunder

Match No. 2Gujrat Warriors Vs Karachi Zorawars

Match No. 3Peshawar Haiders Vs Faisalabad Sherdils

Match No. 4: Islamabad All Stars Vs Multan Sikandar


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