2018 IBSF World U18 Snooker Championship: Semi’s – A Total Chinese Affair

CHINA: The World U18 Snooker Championship title has been guaranteed for the Chinese as the two semi-finals will be played between the four Chinese players, as follows:

  • Bingyu Chang Vs Guo Qiang He.
  • Peifan Lei Vs Yisong Peng.

The main match of the quarter-final was between Peifan Lei, the last year’s runner-up and the title defender Muhammad Naseem Akhtar. Regarded as a match of its kind, ultimately Peifan Lei succeeded to revenge his last year’s loss.

The match was played for all seven frames and the outcome was depend on the last ball. Both the players reached the last deciding frame after each player winning alternate frames. In the overall match there was only one break of 59 points by Peifan. And even at that stage the winner could not be predicted.

During the game, Muhammad Nadeem had taken a lead of about 30 points when Peifan got a chance which he availed and after few pots confirmed himself as a semi-finalist making the semis an all Chinese affair.

The semi final of 2018 IBSF World U18 Snooker Championship will be played on 6th June at 10 AM morning.

Interestingly, the quarter-final of 2018 IBSF World U18 Snooker championship was an Asian event as all the 8 players – 5 Chinese, 2 Pakistani and 1 Thai players who competed were from Asia.

According to PBSA, the match results of Pakistani players during Day 1 & 2 – 2018 IBSF World U18 Championship were:

2nd Day Matches Results

  • Muhammad Naseem Akhtar beat Denin Bunn (New Zealand) 3-0
    (63-12, 64-14, 97-0(81))
  • Haris Tahir (Pak) beat Dumut Dikme (Germany) 3-1
    (102-17(79), 28-61, 87-52, 84-11(56),)
  • Umer Khan (Pak) beat Nick Jansen (Belgium) 3-1
    (20-60, 61-34, 63-59, 69-52)
  • Aaron Hill (Ire Land) beat Haris Tahir (PaK) 3-2
    (52-37, 76-33, 41-70, 13-57, 61-28)
  • Ze Tao Luo beat Umar khan (Pak) 3-1
    (67-35, 32-69, 55-42, 69-24)

After League Round the position of Pakistan Player is as follows:

  • Muhammad Naseem Akhtar played 3 matches, won all matches and was in the top group position.
  • Haris Tahir played 4 matches, won 3 matches, lost one match and is placed 2nd in the group.
  • Umar Khan played 4 matches, won 1 match and lost 3 matches, thereby did not qualify in knockout round.
  • Naseem Akhtar and Haris Tahir qualified directly for Pre quarter

1st Day Results

  • Muhammad Naseem Akhtar (Pak) beat Karmesh Patel (India) 3-0
    (73-16, 6-18, 68-08)
  • Haris Tahir (PaK) beat Stephanus Mundus Grove (South Africa) 3-0
    (68-20, 64-23, 65-16)
  • Mikhail Terekhov (Russia) beat Umar Khan (Pak) 3-0
    (96-06(53), 65-36, 66-54)

5:30 pm

  • Haris Tahir (PaK) bt Ching Chiu Poon (Hong Kong) 3-0
    (55-45, 78-0(68), 66-55)
  • Keishin Kamihashi (Japan) beat Umar Khan (Pak) 3-1
    (62-31, 64-33, 23-73, 60-51)
  • Muhammad Naseem Akhtar (Pak) beat Ronan Whyte (Ireland) 3-0
    (69-42, 76-20, 61-32)

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