The inaugural Defence Raya Open Professional Golf Championship endorsed by DHA, BRDB and Haier is expected to radiate and sparkle in terms of golfing excellence during the four days of competitive activity that takes place at the Defence Raya Golf Course from 29th October to 1st November, a total of four rounds.

A revealing and purposeful characteristic of this Open Golf Event is that eligibility for participation is restrictive  and open only to the top hundred ranked golf professionals of Pakistan, top 30 Senior professionals and top 15 Junior golf professionals. That makes this Open Golf Championship  an all professional entanglement between dexterous, skillful and masterly golf playing torch bearers of the national golf scene, who have time and again proved their competence and artistry.

While the Defence Raya Golf Course has taken this valorous step, the top professionals feel revered and acclaimed and hope that with this facilitation the flow of the golf game during the four rounds of golfing hostilities will become effervescent and glowing. And normally during the course of 18 holes competition these leading players yearn for an unruffled flow of game which enables assured shot making and other elements like fairway shots, chipping to the greens from short distances and above all putting on the greens.

To make the event appealing and gripping the Defence Raya Team has made certain that this championship represents a lucrative source of livelihood for the golf professionals of the country. While the prize money is wholesome and on offer is the sum of Rupees 5 Million to the top performers, an ancillary allurement is a car for the first hole in one and a Honda 125 for the second hole in one.

Right now all players who matter on the golf circuit of Pakistan have converged to Defence Raya Golf Course and are going through the practice routine, measuring up the contours of the golf course, assessing hazards like bunkers and water pools, and finding ways and means of how to avoid out of bounds shots. As golfers know that in a competitive round of golf every shot has to be planned meticulously and those seeking top positions have to be alert and apply their skills in a way that their shot making reflects total excellence. 



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