Pakistan Scrabble Circuit which has become a major trend setter for international scrabble hub, introduced a challenging new trend of introducing Young Scrabble Master Trainers.

Introduced for the world’s largest scrabble competition – 22nd Gladiator Interschool Scrabble Championship 2022, the training was successfully held at NJV Government School, Karachi on Thursday 1st September in two sessions. The participation was extraordinarily more then expected – around 150 newbie potential scrabblers were present as to expected 50-60.

The training was conducted by a panel of following Master players, who have recently been selected for the team to participate in the Youth Scrabble Championship to be held in India.

Ali Salman, Monis Khan, Affan Salman , Ahmed Salman , Hawra Fatima, Bilal Asher, Manal Asher, Azlan Qazi, Sehan Owais

In a exclusive discussion with Allsportspk, PSA-Pakistan Scrabble Association Director, Mr. Tariq Pervez was extremely jubilant as Pakistan Scrabblers had made another global record of becoming the “Youngest Scrabble Trainer Group In The World.” He elaborated that usually adult and experienced players were involved in training. However, this time young masters due to their proven masterly performances and international experience were given the opportunity.

Another major reason of PSA taking this step was that most of the newbies trainees are very young, thereby, there own age group trainers would make communication easier and create confidence as they can see their own age group as trainers. Mr. Tariq gladly shared that the actual experience proved as expected!

Congratulating the new generation of Scrabble masters, Mr. Tariq added that it was a very successful experience and in fact proved to be even better then expected.

Further, explaining PSA’s long term plan, Mr. Tariq mentioned that it was planned to establish from October 2022, a ‘Mindsports Academy’ in which similar classes would be held on weekly basis. And the same trainers after this experience would be also involved.



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