The 29th Corps Commander Golf tournament 2021 came to a vitalized conclusion at the Lahore Garrison Greens Golf Course after three rounds of golfing encounter where quite a few young ones of the golfing arena fought it out with truculent ferocity.

Ultimate prize winner in net category was nineteen year old Muhammed Shoaib of Lahore Gymkhana while gross honors were attained by the eighteen year old Damil Ataullah of Lahore Garrison. During the course of the final 18 holes on Sunday, the youngster with an emphatic performance was M. Shoaib and he remained on alleyway to fruition through admirable application of golf techniques, artistry in hitting and undaunted handling of the putter on the greens. He was relentless in his pursuit of the top prize and noticeable was the self assurance in the course of the stress laden final 18 holes. M. Shoaib ended the closing 18 holes with a score of net 70 and that added to his net 64 in the first round and net 68 in the second round gives him a sparkling score of net 202 for the tournament and in golfing terms that is summarized as eminently rated 14 under par.

And in this tournament since the top prize was net score based, this upcoming adolescent of the national golf scene who is comprehensively coached by M. Shahbaz had the first taste of distinction and illustriousness.

Other performers in net section were Zohaib Hassan, second net and Nosherwan Aslam, third net.

Damil Ataullah ended up as the top one in gross category with three rounds scores of 70, 72 and 78 and an aggregate of gross 220. The runner up in gross category was Nouman Ilyas and his scores for three rounds were 80, 73 and 70, the aggregate for the tournament adding upto gross 223. Hussain Hamid of Royal Palm came third with a three rounds aggregate of 226. Hussain also impressed with his performance as did Nouman Ilyas..

Ladies section winner was Rimsha Ijaz with two rounds score of 73 and 77. Parkha Ijaz was second and her score was 155. Suneya Osama came third with a two rounds aggregate of 157.

In the team event Lahore Garrison team comprising of Bilal Javaid, Usman Akram Sahi, Dr. Osama Manzoor and Damil Ataullah won the team trophy with a team score of 631.


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