The second round of 2nd PGA President Professional Golf Championship concluded at the Defence Raya Golf and Country Club Golf Course, Lahore. The cut was placed and only 58 qualified to play the final round.

Muhammed Alam of Lahore Garrison who applied his golfing expertise in a way that fetched him a spectacular score of gross 65 and that added to his first rounds gross 66, gives him a place of enormously towering honour with an aggregate score of 131, thirteen under par.

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From the word go in the second round Muhammad Alam has assuredly taken command of the match and appears determined to fulfill his title winning dream. Starting from tee no. one, M. Alam birdied hole number 5 and thereafter 6, and 8 on the front nine and holes 10, 11, 12, 13, 16 and 18 a total of nine birdies. Two bogies also creeped in on holes 2 and 4 but over the 18 holes M. Alam’s shot making was heartening indeed and the rhythm in his swing brought delight to the onlookers.

Five strokes away from the leader M. Alam is the most merited Ahmed Baig of Royal Palm, while the accomplished champion from Karachi, Muhammed Zubair is at a two rounds aggregate of 142, two under par. At a score of 143 is the 200 titles winner Muhammed Shabbir Iqbal of Margalla Greens.

2nd President PGA Open Golf: Dynamic Ahmed Baig Sets Pace

In the 2nd President Punjab Golf Association Professional Golf Championship 2024 being contested at the Defence Raya Golf Course in Lahore, 100 top golf professionals completed their first round yesterday. The second round proceedings will continue on Wednesday, 17th May.

By applying his golfing expertise to perfection Ahmed Baig surfaced as the leader after a commanding performance in the first round of this three rounds Golf Championship which carries a prize money of seven million rupees.

During the course of the tumultuous golf playing  round on Tuesday, this star of the national golf circuit excelled in the area of tee shot making on par fours and par fives   and on the shorter par three holes, rewardingly accurate were his approach shots which mostly yielded birdies or regulation pars. Throughout the eighteen holes every playing aspect was pristine and impeccable for the champion. Regulation pars adorned his card on eleven  holes and as for the other seven, they were all birdied. This effort gives him a commanding score of gross 65, seven under par.

Though Ahmed Baigs effort shines and gleams, another one looking marvellous is Muhammed Alam of Lahore Garrison. Through a formidable show of high quality golf, he compiled a score of gross 66, six under par and by virtue of this admirable effort, he is placed one stroke behind Ahmed Baig.

Another champion with enormous aspirations is Minhaj Maqsood from Rawalpindi. His overall effort has been admirable and is certainly resolute about his performance with a score of gross 69.