The 34th Gladiator Pakistan Scrabble Championship commenced as scheduled at the NJV Government Higher School, Karachi. It is a three day tournament – from 19th till 21st August 2022, consisting of a total of 27 matches. The top 44 rated players of Pakistan are competing in the 2022 championship.

Formerly known as the Pakistan National Scrabble Championship, it is one of the major occurring events organized annually by the PSA-Pakistan Scrabble Association. The last Scrabble Championship of 2021 saw Waseem Khatri being crowned as the champion and Syed Imaad Ali as the runner up.

On the first day of the 34th Gladiator Pakistan Scrabble Championship, 9 matches were played with Ali Salman pulling ahead on the leaderboard. The complete results are appended below

The scoreboard currently stands with only Ali Salman acquiring 8 wins. Waseem Khatri secures the second rank with 7 wins, whereas Hassan Hadi Khan stands on the third.

Pakistan’s leading player faced tough competition from the emergence new players. The young Ahmed Salman aged 10, bagged several wins against senior and experienced scrabble players, securing the 5th rank on the scoreboard. Moreover, the two Hadi brothers namely Hasham Hadi Khan and Hassan Hadi Khan also put up a tough competition and dominated the matches.

2022 Gladiator Pakistan Scrabble Championship – Day 1 Complete Results


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