The 38th Governors Cup Golf Tournament 2021 is being contested at the par 72, 18 holes Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course and all eager for a display of golf playing skills are quite a few young ones of talent and expertise who have worked zealously to move up in the golf arenas of the country.

And in this prestigious event where a large number of capable ones are competing a hardly known young golfer who sprung a surprise was Salman Shahid. He played exceptionally well and bewildering even his opponents with a prodigious round of net 66, six under par. Salman owes this marvelous achievement to precise hitting, on target approach shots and sublime control over nerves. All credit to him for his fulfilling performance and organizers hope for excellence continuity over the next two rounds.

Another flashy score was produced by an enterprising one, Hassan Samiuddin who played in a spirited manner and the effort fetched him an applaudable score of net 67, five under par. He looks confident about taking over from Salman over the next two rounds.

A few more with definitive mastery are Mohaymin Maneka, Khawaja Jahanzaib Fareed Maneka and Omer Zia. Mohaymin managed a decorous score of net 68, four under par while Khawaja Jahanzaib assembled a net 69 threeunder par and the experienced Omer Zia came up with net 70  a score also achieved by Fareed, two under par. All these performances represent a harmonious application of golfing technique and skills.

A few adept ones placed at a score of net 71, one under par are Ahmed Zafar Hayat, Danish Javed, Hafiz M. Awais, Mohsen Zafar, M. Abid, Abbas Chaudry and Ahmed Jibran. And Reza Said is at net 72 along with Adam Khan.

As foreseen, noticeable is the resplendent effort and expectations of savy golf play over the remaining two rounds are high. The Ladies will enter the Championship from Saturday.


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