35th Governors Cup Golf Tournament: 2018 Edition Preview

LAHORE: The month of October is a month of glad tidings for golfers in Lahore and other cities of the country. It ushers in congenial and delightful weather and as for the eager golfers of Lahore and others visiting Lahore, it heralds the holding of much sought after golf championships like the Millat Tractors backed and sponsored prestigious Governors Cup Golf Tournament.

This was stated by Shaukat Javed, Convenor Golf, in a press conference also attended and addressed by S. M. Irfan Aqeel, CEO, Millat Tractors, Ahsan Imran, CEO, Millat Equipment Ltd, Omer Zia, Captain Golf and Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed, Director Media at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

Mr. Shaukat Javed stated that Millat Tractors Governors Cup Championship is now into its 35th year and there is a very strong bondage between the two.

Governors Cup – Facts In Brief

  • The defending Champion is Mr. Robin Bagh.

Other winners of the past decade are:

  • Mr. Isfandyar Khan (2016) Mr. Mohsen Zafar (2015), Mr. Hamza Mansoor(2014), Mr. Qasim Khan (2013), Mr. Mohsen Zafar (2012) Mr. Asad Zia (2011), Mr. Sardar Muhammad Ahmed Leghari (2010), Mr. Muhammad Nasir Irshad (2009), Mr. Mohsen Zafar (2008).
  • Mr. Mohsen Zafar has won the title three times while Mr. Javed S. Lodhi has won it two times.

Mr. Shaukat, further stated that a very special technical feature of this Golf Competition is that it affords and lends an occasion to talented and upcoming golfers who seek to establish their names in the competitive golfing arena. In case they perform well in the competition, they become known in the national golfing scene and from hereon they can devote their energies to golf and become known as golf players of skill and expertise. This esteemed and august championship is the only one of its kind where the ultimate title holder becomes a champion based on his Net Score.

Essential Details of the Various Categories are:

Men Amateurs

Net & Gross events for Amateurs will be held over 3 rounds (totally 54 holes, with 18 holes each day) from Friday 26th to Sunday 28thOctober 2018. Eligibility requirements are that participating golfers should have a handicap of 14 & below.


Net & Gross events for Seniors will be held over 18 holes on Friday 27th October 2018. Eligibility requirements are that participating senior golfers should be above 55 years of age and less than 70 years and have a handicap of 16 and below.


Net & Gross events for Veterans will be held over 9 holes on Friday 26th October 2018. Eligibility requirements are that participating Veterans golfers should be in the age bracket 70 years and above and have a handicap of 18 & below. The Veterans will also have the advantage of 1 extra stroke for every 2 years of age difference. In case where the Veteran player is above 80 years he will get 1 stroke advantage for every year.


Net & Gross events for Ladies will be held over 36 holes from Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th October 2018. Eligibility requirement is that participating lady golfers should have a handicap of 36 & below:


Net & Gross events for Juniors will be held on Sunday 28th October 2018. Eligibility requirement is that participating Junior Golfers should have a handicap of 18 & below and should be in the age bracket 18 years & below.

The participation numbers are large and are summarized below:

a. Amateurs – 127

b. Seniors – 75

c. Veterans – 42

d. Ladies – 28

e. Juniors – 04

Tracing the history of the championship, Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed said that this gracious event takes us back to the year 1984, when the first Governors Cup Golf Tournament was held based on a recommendation by the then President of Pakistan. While praise is due to Gymkhana Management for a successful continuity, a salute also has to be given to Sikandar Mustafa Khan for the history making. He further highlighted that his love for the game of golf and generous backing has ensured that the Championship attains a permanent place for itself in the golfing arenas of Pakistan. No doubt, the Governors Cup has become a championship that carries prestige, status and esteem and the talent loaded golf players seek participation in the championship to strengthen and build their status as golfers of standing.

Omer Zia ,Captain Golf of Lahore Gymkhana stated that over the years golf has developed and progressed in Lahore. Golf clubs like Royal Palm, Garrison Club, Defence Raya and Lahore Gymkhana itself have been instrumental in producing adroit and dexterous golfers and Lahore now boasts of having over hundred amateur golf players with a single handicap. And having a single handicap in golf is a notable achievement and is a reflection of the hard work put in by the golf player who holds this handicap especially when viewed in the light of the fact that these golfers are deeply entrenched in their academics or corporate duties.

Evaluation of competitors participating in this championship is an important factor and in the handicap category 5 & below, the following names need to be highlighted;

Wazir Ali, Salman Jehangir, Robin Bagh, Ahsan Khawaja, Mohsen Zafar, Qasim Khan, Ahmed Zafar Hayat, Sardar Murad Khan, Murad A Khan, Taimoor Shabbir (All from Gymkhana). Ahmed Baig (Garrison), Nadeem Aslam (Garrison), Damil Attaullah (Garrison) Ayaz Saleem (Garrison), Hussain Hamid (Royal Palm), Zunair Aleem Khan (Defence Raya) Fakhar Imam (Defence Raya),

As per rules of the competition and as highlighted in earlier paragraphs, the Championship trophy will be awarded to the competitor with the best Net Score. By virtue of this, players with a handicap above 5 and less than 10 and ample golf playing skills can tilt the advantage their way, if nerves are kept in control, and application of golfing skills is continuous and steady.

Names of such participants are Nasir Irshad, Hamza Mansoor, Shoaib Bokhari, JamalNasir, Reza Said, Ahmed Nawaz Tiwana, Khurshid Aziz, Danish Javed, Faysal Sayid and Ahmed Rafi.

Main Trophy will be awarded to the Champion with the best Net Score.



  • 3 x Best Net 3 x Best Gross
  • Best Net Score each day Best Gross score each day


  • 3 x Best Net 3 x Best Gross


  • 2 x Best Net 2 x Best Gross


  • 3 x Best Net 3 x Best Gross


  • 2 x Best Net 2 x Best Gross

Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed expressed the hope that while the golfers from Lahore are determined to come out triumphant in this championship, the golf players who come from other stations are also considerably intent on meeting the challenge of competition. But one thing that needs to be emphasized is that even if they do not win, they relish the experience of playing at the historic Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

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For these outstation golf participants, it is indeed a blissful experience to meet the challenges of this golf course and what further augments their delight is their interaction with other golf players of merit. The universal comments revolve around the fact that the scenic Gymkhana Golf Course is a gift of nature and because of good upkeep the fairways give a most appropriate lie of the ball.

An appropriate lie of the ball facilitates the competing golfers to manage accurate and crisp hitting. And once the hitting is complemented by a stable temperament it becomes possible for the individuals to bring in praiseworthy scores.

Prize Distribution Ceremony will be held at 4:30 pm on Sunday, 28th October 2018 at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Club.

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