The 3rd President DHA Golf Tournament will be contested from Saturday, 24th September at the pristine par 72  Defence Raya Golf Course.

The format of this 3rd President DHA Golf Tournament is stroke play and contenders will tee off from the blue tees which enhances the competitive element. The numbers of golfing athletes seeking illustriousness are 170 and all of them have as a goal a fulfilling time in terms of golfing scores over the two engaging golf rounds plus a triumphant end. Surely a countless lot of these aspirants who play to a single-digit handicap possess skills that are praiseworthy but on the day of the battle, achievement becomes possible if nerves are kept in check and the application of playing skills is demonstrated remarkably.

The competitive race on Saturday is bound to be dominated by a friction-loaded clash and players like Azfar Hassan, Daniyal Lashari, Mekayl Majid, Usman Sahi, Hafiz M.Awais, Zain Ibrahim, Isfandyar Khan, Saif Hassan, Adam Khan, Ahmed Ibrahim and Haris Naseer. However one should not rule out the chances of many formidable ones who can prevail over these established torch bearers and such daunting ones are Imran Ahmed, Adyan Lone, Amir Chaudry and Saim Tahir.

Expectations are that two ladies out to stamp their authority are Rimsha Ijaz and Parkha Ijaz and they could intensify golfing excellence through outstanding play. Let’s see how they equate with the men.

Based on their hard work and skills application ability, at least 50 competing players seem geared up for amazing displays of quality golf. Hopefully, the competitive luster will be visible as the flow of the championship progresses.

The  organizing team, with Haroon Shafiq in the forefront along with golf course maintenance experts, has set up the 18 holes, par 72 Defence Raya  Golf  Course fittingly for the occasion, and the competing golfers will certainly commend the playing conditions.