44th National Snooker Championship 2019: Day 1 – Defending Champion Asif Loses

44th National Snooker Championship 2019
44th National Snooker Championship 2019: Day 1 – Mubashir Raza who defeated the reigning champion Muhammad Asif – Photo: File

KARACHI:  The 44th National Snooker Championship 2019 commenced at the Karachi Gymkhana. To be held from March 20th, the championship includes record number of 56 cueists.

The event purse includes the following prizes:

  • Total prize money of Rs. 272,000. The winner will receive Rs100,000 and the runner-up Rs. 50,000.
  • The losing semi-finalists will be receiving Rs. 20,000 each, the losing quarter-finalists Rs.10,000 each and the losing pre-quarter-finalists Rs. 4,000 each.
  • The highest break of the competition will earn the player a purse of Rs.10,000.

The participants are divided into eight groups for the preliminary rounds at the end of which the top two cueists from each group would be advancing to the knockout phase, starting from pre-quarter-finals. The Group wise players playing details are appended below.

The detailed results of the Day 1 matches were:

Mubashir Raza (Punjab) bt Muhammad Asif (Punjab) 4-3

(62-41, 78-01, 30-59, 8-78(59), 68-36, 24-73, 61-17)

Ahmed Shah (Bal) bt M. Hamza Ilyas (Punjab) 4-3

(29-70, 57-35, 26-50, 55-28, 69-55, 27-66, 79-41)

  1. Rizwan Hashmi (Sindh) bt Sirbuland Khan (Kp) 4-3

(44-73, 32-66, 51-35, 50-26, 38-74, 87-12, 66-27)

Babar Masih (Punjab) bt Muhammad Shahbaz (Punjab) 4-2

(27-58, 36-78(70), 59-40, 78-64, 72-05, 70-28)

Muhammad Naseem Akhtar (Punjab) bt Muhammad Mudassir (Isb) 4-2

(45-82(57), 67-42, 60-66, 62-08, 84-24, 66-05)

Fazal Umar Butt (Sindh) bt Rabish Pervez (Bal) 4-0

(69-18, 69-26, 48-47, 69-45)

Muhammad Majid Ali (Punjab) bt Ali Raza (Sindh) 4-1

(40-68, 51-19, 70-14, 70-23, 82-16)

  1. Imran Qamar (Punjab) bt Ahsan Ramzan (Punjab) 4-1

(69-44, 45-56, 100-0, 73-38, 65-36)

Sultan Muhammad (Sindh) bt Abdul Jalil (KP) 4-0

(87-15, 69-02, 67-04, 70-04)

Zulfiqar A. Qadir (Sindh) bt Imran Shehzad (Punjab) 4-0

(70-67, 68-54, 104-13(104), 69-06(50),)

Shaikh M. Mudssir (Punjab) bt Fawad Khan (KP) 4-3

(65-26, 50-71, 68-17, 55-62, 36-76, 70-46, 66-37)

Amir Tariq (Punjab) bt Bahadur Khan (Bal) 4-3

(65-07, 62-72, 51-63, 8-58, 81-26, 68-8, 63-27)

Sharjeel Mehmood (KP) bt Agha Bilawal (Sindh) 4-2

(51-69, 74-16, 97-01, 65-22, 12-70, 70-19)

Haris Tahir (Punjab) bt M. Ahsan Javaid (Punjab) 4-1

(75-16, 88-45, 65-68, 76-16, 61-9)

Shafiullah (KP) bt Saeed Khan (Bal) 4-2

(15-54, 84-0, 72-23, 20-57, 70-07, 52-51)

Muhammad Bilal (Punjab) bt Rashid Aziz (Punjab) 4-0

(98-10(89), 57-04, 97-12, 58-07)

Ali Haider (Punjab) bt Farukh Usman (Sindh) 4-0

(67-15, 18-24, 56-38, 49-01)

Abdul Raziq (Bal) bt Mirza Waqas Baig (Punjab) 4-0

(59-36, 58-47, 52-11, 77-15(73),)

Shahid Aftab (Punjab) bt Amir Sohail (KP) 4-0

(78-08, 84-4, 65-17, 70-37)

Rambail Gul (KP) V/S Abdul Hameed (Bal)

Aakash Rafique (KP) V/S Amir Shehzad (KP)

Abu Saim (Punjab) V/S Sohail Shehzad (Sindh)

Muhammad Ijaz (Punjab) V/S S. Habib Shah (Bal)

Abdul Sattar (Sindh) V/S Ameer Hamza Khan (Isb)

Tomorrow Fixture

Muhammad Asif (Punjab) V/S Ahmed Shah (Bal)

  1. Hamza Ilyas (Punjab) V/S Mubashir Raza (Punjab)

Asjad Iqbal (Punjab) V/S M. Rizwan Hashmi (Sindh)

Babar Masih (Punjab) V/S Muhammad Naseem Akhtar (Punjab)

Muhammad Mudassir (Isb) V/S Muhammad Shahbaz (Punjab)

Farhan Khan (KP) V/S Fazal Umar Butt (Sindh)

Muhammad Majid Ali (Punjab) V/S M. Imran Qamar (Punjab)

Ahsan Ramzan (Punjab) V/S Ali Raza (Sindh)

Saif Ali Khan (Bal) V/S Abdul Jalil (KP)

Zulfiqar A. Qadir (Sindh) V/S Fawad Khan (KP)

Shaikh M. Mudssir (Punjab) V/S Imran Shehzad (Punjab)

Musaddiq Mehmood (Isb) V/S Bahadur Khan (Bal)

Sharjeel Mehmood (KP) V/S M. Ahsan Javaid (Punjab)

Haris Tahir (Punjab) V/S Agha Bilawal (Sindh)

Abdul Majid (Sindh) V/S Saeed Khan (Bal)

Muhammad Bilal (Punjab) V/S Farukh Usman (Sindh)

Ali Haider (Punjab) V/S Rashid Aziz (Punjab)

Muhammad Saleem (KP) V/S Mirza Waqas Baig (Punjab)

Rambail Gul (KP) V/S Amir Shehzad (KP)

Aakash Rafique (KP) V/S Abdul Hameed (Bal)

Munawar Khaliq (Isb) V/S Sohail Shehzad (Sindh)

Shahid Aftab (Punjab) V/S S. Habib Shah (Bal)

Muhammad Ijaz (Punjab) V/S Amir Sohail (KP)

Muhammad Sajjad (Punjab) V/S Ameer Hamza Khan (Isb)

The Groups are:

Group (A) Babar Masih (Punjab), Muhammad Mudassir (Isb), Rabish Pervez (Bal), Farhan Khan (KP), Fazal Umar Butt (Sindh), Muhammad Naseem Akhtar (Punjab), Muhammad Shahbaz (Punjab).

Group (B) Muhammad Asif (Punjab), M. Hamza Ilyas (Punjab), Sirbuland Khan (KP), Asjad Iqbal (Punjab), M. Rizwan Hashmi (Sindh), Ahmed Shah (Bal), Mubashir Raza (Punjab).

Group (C) Zulfiqar A. Qadir (Sindh), Shaikh M. Mudssir (Punjab), Amir Tariq (Punjab), Musaddiq Mehmood (Isb), Bahadur Khan (Bal), Fawad Khan (KP), Imran Shehzad (Punjab).

Group (D) Muhammad Majid Ali (Punjab), Ahsan Ramzan (Punjab), Sultan Muhammad (Sindh), Saif Ali Khan (Bal), Abdul Jalil (KP), M. Imran Qamar (Punjab), Ali Raza (Sindh).

Group (E) Muhammad Bilal (Punjab), Ali Haider (Punjab), Abdul Raziqm (Bal), Muhammad Saleem (KP), Mirza Waqas Baig (Punjab), Farukh Usman (Sindh), Rashid Aziz (Punjab).

Group (F) Sharjeel Mehmood (KP), Haris Tahir (Punjab), Shafiullah (KP), Abdul Majid (Sindh), Saeed Khan (Bal), M. Ahsan Javaid (Punjab), Agha Bilawal (Sindh).

Group (G) Shahid Aftab (Punjab), Muhammad Ijaz (Punjab), Abdul Sattar (Sindh), Muhammad Sajjad (Punjab). Ameer Hamza Khan (Isb), S. Habib Shah (Bal), Amir Sohail (KP).

Group (H) Rambail Gul (KP), Aakash Rafique (KP), Abu Saim (Punjab), Munawar Khaliq (Isb), Sohail Shehzad (Sindh), Amir Shehzad (KP), Abdul Hameed (Bal).

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