The 4th FGA Ladies Golf Championship for Yasmin Mubarak Cup concluded at the Islamabad Golf Course with Aania Farooq from PAF Airmen Golf Club Karachi scored the lowest Gross round bringing the last two days leader, Rimsha Ijaz from Raya Golf Club Pakistan to the second position in Gross.

On the final day, the Category A girls and ladies contenders produced a stirring but extraordinary round of golf. 

Parkha Ijaz from Raya Golf Club overtook Hamna Amjad from PAF Golf Course, who was ahead of her after the first two days, and came third in Gross. 

In Net, Hamna Amjad from PAF Golf Course won in back count, Arooba Ali from Rawalpindi Golf Course came in second and the third Net position went to Tehmina Ahmad from Islamabad Club Golf Course. 

The scores were as follows:


1st¬†Aania Farooq ‚Äď 229¬†

2nd Rimsha Ijaz Р232 

3rd¬†Parkha Ijaz ‚Äď 235¬†


1st¬†Hamna Amjad ‚Äď 229 (back count)¬†

2nd¬†Arooba Ali ‚Äď 229¬†

3rd Tehmina Ahmad Р230 

The highlight of the tournament was the newly introduced Yasmin Mubarik Challenge Cup being lifted by Aania Farooq. The Yasmin Mubarik Challenge Cup, which is being introduced to honour the lifelong golfing achievements of our former National Champion and will continue as a challenge cup for years to come, was handed out to Aania Farooq by none other than the most respectable Yasmin Mubarik herself. She graced the occasion with her presence and humbly thanked her family and friends for supporting her through her golfing career. 

As for the other events the Inter Club Team Tournament was played between teams of 8 clubs from across Pakistan. The best Net scores of 3 players from each club were taken over 2 days to declare the winning team. The Islamabad Golf Club team won the team match at the end of two rounds with a Net score of 408, the Rawalpindi Golf Club team came second with a Net score of 419 and the third position went to the Sona Golf Club team at 429. 

Also, today the course hosted invitational guests who played a round of 9 holes. Results of the winning invitees are given below: 


1st¬†Malik Afsar ‚Äď 36¬†

2nd¬†Ahmad Zafar ‚Äď 39¬†

3rd¬†Akbar Bilgrami ‚Äď 40¬†


1st¬†Iram Aamir ‚Äď 27¬†

2nd¬†Muneeza Rizwan ‚Äď 29¬†

3rd Mrs. Reema Р31 

At the end of the tournaments, both Category B (Handicap 14-24] and Category C (Handicap 25-36) players who also finished well were: 

Category B 
1st¬†Jasia Tasawar¬†‚Äst168¬†¬†
2nd Zeenat Ayesha Р179 
3rd¬†Areeba Rizwan¬†‚Äď 185¬†¬†
1st¬†Uzma Khurshid¬†‚Äď 131¬†
2nd¬†Rukhsana Shahid¬†‚Äď 136¬†
3rd Hussain Bano Р144 
Category C
1st¬†Fauzia Shahid ‚Äď 193¬†¬†
2nd Zarmina Khan Р197 
3rd¬†Shazmina Khan ‚Äď 198¬†¬†
1st¬†Bilquis Haseeb ‚Äď 135¬†
2nd¬†Sobia Waseem ‚Äď 138¬†
3rd Meerab Rizwan Р140 

Ayesha Fauzan, the Tournament Director thanked Federal Golf Association and the management of Islamabad Club for their encouragement and invaluable support. She also thanked the sponsors for coming forward and supporting women golf. She also mentioned President PGF, Gen. Hilal’s “remarkable efforts in promoting golf in ladies and junior girls.


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