DS Polo emerged title winners in the 4th Jinnah Gold Polo Cup 2024, defeating Olympia/AZB Polo in the main final by 7-4 at Jinnah Polo Fields.  

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Final Overview

DS Polo Team winner of the 4th Jinnah Gold Polo Cup at Jinnah Polo Fields – JPF/Allsportspk

The main final was a spectacle of high-caliber polo, with DS Polo taking control in the crucial final chukker to secure their win. Max Charlton, DS Polo’s standout player, led the charge with an impressive six goals, earning him the best player of the final award. His teammate, Ahmed Ali Tiwana, also contributed to the scoreboard with a goal, while Nicolas Corti and Novillo Astrada scored two goals each for Olympia/AZB Polo. 

The final kicked off with both teams on an equal footing, each netting a goal to draw 1-1. In the second chukker, DS Polo revamped their strategy, embracing a more aggressive style of play that tipped the balance in their favor and secured them a 3-1 lead. Despite Olympia/AZB momentarily taking the lead at 4-3 in the third chukker, DS Polo swiftly equalized before the chukker concluded. The final and decisive chukker witnessed DS Polo’s relentless push, as they fired in three consecutive goals to stylishly clinch the match with a 7-4 victory. 

Mark John Holmes and Abdul Sattar Khan officiated the main final as field umpires. 

The final also featured Max Charlton receiving the most valuable player award and Open Bursalino being named the best playing pony.

Subsidiary Final

Team FG Polo narrowly edged out BN Polo with a scoreline of 6-5. Leading the charge for the victors, Mian Abbas Mukhtar netted three impressive goals, with Raul Laplacette adding two more to their tally. On the BN Polo side, Santiago Loza was the standout performer, scoring three goals, while teammates Babar Naseem and Hamza Mawaz Khan each contributed one goal to their team’s effort. 

Punjab province Governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman, alongside Fatima Group Director, Mian Abbas Mukhtar, distributed the prizes and awards to the winners and participants.  

4th Jinnah Gold Polo Cup 2024: Day 4 | Olympia AZB & DS Polo Qualify For Final 

Olympia/AZB and DS Polo have successfully clinched their final spots of the 4th Jinnah Gold Polo Cup 2024.

On Sunday, 11th February, Olympia/AZB will face off against DS Polo. Meanwhile, the subsidiary final will a contest between BN Polo and FG Polo.

Matches Overviews

In the opening match of the day, Olympia/AZB Polo showcased exceptional tactics and precision to secure a victory against BN Polo with a score of 7-4. The standout performance came from Novillo Astrada, who dazzled spectators by netting four remarkable goals. Abdul Rehman Monnoo and Nicolas Corti also played well and contributed two and one goal respectively. BN Polo’s resistance was led by Hamza Mawaz Khan with a hat-trick and Santos Zapata adding a goal to their effort. 

BN Polo set the pace early in the first chukker, swiftly netting two goals to establish a 2-0 advantage. The game took a dramatic turn in the second chukker as Olympia/AZB Polo mounted a remarkable comeback, scoring two goals to level the score at 2-2. The tension escalated just before the chukker’s conclusion when BN Polo managed to edge ahead with a goal, taking a narrow 3-2 lead. The third chukker saw Olympia/AZB Polo finding the net once again, equalizing the score at 3-3 in a tightly contested match. 

The fourth and final chukker began with Olympia/AZB Polo unleashing their full potential, scoring two consecutive goals to seize a 5-3 lead. Not to be outdone, BN Polo responded with a successful 30-yard penalty shot, closing the gap to 4-5. However, Olympia/AZB Polo demonstrated their superiority by scoring two more goals in quick succession, clinching the match with a decisive 7-4 victory. 

FG Polo and DS Polo match on Day 2 of 4th Jinnah Gold Polo Cup at Jinnah Polo Fields – JPF/Allsportspk

In the day’s second highlight, an intense eight-chukker match contested between FG Polo and DS Polo. Picking up from a deadlock at 5-5, the game resumed with vigor, culminating in DS Polo’s hard-fought 11-9 victory over FG Polo, securing their spot in the main final. Max Charlton emerged as the standout player for DS Polo, delivering four spectacular goals. His teammates Nico Roberts and Ahmed Ali Tiwana each added a goal to the tally. FG Polo’s effort was led by Raul Laplacette, who netted three goals, with Mario Gomez contributing one. 

The match saw DS Polo taking control in the fifth chukker, netting two goals to FG Polo’s one, edging ahead with a 7-6 lead. The momentum continued into the sixth chukker, with DS Polo extending their lead to 8-6 thanks to a solitary goal. FG Polo narrowed the gap early in the seventh chukker, making it 7-8, only for DS Polo to respond decisively with two consecutive goals, pushing their lead to 10-7 and setting the stage for their eventual triumph. 

In the climactic eighth chukker, FG Polo launched a spirited comeback, netting two goals to bring the scoreline tantalizingly close at 9-10. However, in the match’s dying moments, DS Polo clinched victory with a decisive goal, sealing the win at 11-9.

4th Jinnah Gold Polo Cup 2024: Day 2 | Two Competitive Matches Held

The Jinnah Gold Polo Cup, proudly, witnessed two riveting matches on its second day at the Jinnah Polo Fields. 

Matches Overview

The tournament’s intensity was palpable as teams from Pool A, FG Polo and DS Polo, locked horns in a high-stakes match that ended in a dramatic 5-5 draw, while Olympia/AZB Polo narrowly edged out Master Paints/Diamond Paints with a 5-4 victory. 

FG Polo and DS Polo match on Day 2 of 4th Jinnah Gold Polo Cup at Jinnah Polo Fields – JPF/Allsportspk

The clash between FG Polo and DS Polo was a showcase of skill and resilience. DS Polo, with Max Charlton leading the charge by netting three goals and Nico Roberts adding two, initially dominated the game. Their early strategy paid off, securing a 3-0 lead by the second chukker and extending it to 5-0 in the third.  

However, FG Polo, driven by Raul Laplacette’s hat-trick and a goal from Mario Gomez, mounted a remarkable comeback. Scoring two quick goals to close the third chukker and adding three more in the final chukker, they levelled the score to 5-5, turning the match into an unforgettable draw. 

In the day’s second match, Olympia/AZB Polo faced off against Master Paints/Diamond Paints in a closely contested battle. The team, led by the duo of Novello Astrada and Nicolas Corti who scored two goals each, along with a single goal from Ahmed Zubair Butt, showcased exceptional teamwork. Despite Amirreza Behboudi’s two-goal effort for Master Paints/Diamond Paints and their two-goal handicap advantage, Olympia/AZB Polo’s strategic plays in the final chukker secured them a slender 5-4 win.

Olympia/AZB Polo vs Master Paints/Diamond Paints match on Day 2 of 4th Jinnah Gold Polo Cup at Jinnah Polo Fields – JPF/Allsportspk

4th Jinnah Gold Polo Cup 2024: Day 1 | BN Polo Triumphant

BN Polo clinched victory over Master Paints/Diamond Paints in the opening match of the 4th Jinnah Gold Polo Cup at Jinnah Polo Fields. 

On Day 2 two matches are scheduled for Wednesday, 7th February. First match would be between FG Polo vs DS Polo at 2:00 pm, followed by second encounter between Olympia/AZB Polo and Master Paints/Diamond Paints at 3:00 pm.

Jinnah Gold Cup ’21: Day 1-Master Paints & DS Polo/ASC Teams Victorious

Match Overview

The tournament kick-started with an intense face-off between BN Polo and Master Paints/Diamond Paints,  witnessing BN Polo taking the lead with a remarkable display of skill and teamwork. Hamza Mawaz Khan of BN Polo stood out with his exceptional performance, netting five impressive goals. 

Opening match between BN Polo and Master Paints/Diamond Paints on Day 1 of 4th Jinnah Gold Polo Cup at Jinnah Polo Fields – JPF/Allsportspk

Santiago Loza contributed significantly with two goals, while Santos Tomas and Babar Naseem each added one to the tally, showcasing the depth of BN Polo’s attacking prowess. On the opposing side, despite a two-goal handicap advantage, Master Paints/Diamond Paints managed to score through Amirreza Behboudi, who found the back of the net twice, and Sufi Haroon, who added one to their score. 

Jinnah Gold Cup ’21: Day 1-Master Paints & DS Polo/ASC Teams Victorious

BN Polo set a vigorous pace right from the start, securing a 2-0 lead early in the game. They continued their dominance into the second chukker, extending their lead to 6-1 with an array of four spectacular goals, contrasting with a single goal from their opponents.  

The third chukker saw a solitary goal from Master Paints/Diamond Paints narrowing the gap slightly to 6-2. However, BN Polo sealed their victory in the final chukker with a decisive three goals, concluding the match at a solid 9-3 before the handicap adjustment brought the final score to 9-5.