ZS Polo clinched the Noon Polo Cup trophy after thumping Newage Cables/Master Paints by 7½-3 in the finale at the Lahore Polo Club. 

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Noon Polo Cup: Zacky Farms Clinch 2021 Title

Final Overview

Bilal Hayat Noon led ZS Polo with an exceptional performance, scoring three spectacular goals. Teammate Zoraiz Shehzad added another two goals to the tally, with Aleem Yar Tiwana and Muhammad Ali Malik contributing one goal each, showcasing the team’s formidable prowess. On the opposing side, Newage Cables/Master Paints’ efforts were led by Adnan Jalil Azam with two goals, and Sahar Yaghoobi, who managed to put one past the goal line. 

ZS Polo Team winner of the Noon Polo Cup 2024 at the Lahore Polo Club – LPC/Allsportspk

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Subsidiary Overview

The day also featured a closely contested subsidiary final where Guard Group edged out Sheikhoo Steel/Diamond Paints with a score of 5-4. Taimur Mawaz Khan was the standout player for Guard Group, scoring all five goals for his team, while Kashif Jamal, Shiraz Qureshi, and Mir Huzaifa Ahmed scored for Sheikhoo Steel/Diamond Paints, making for an exciting precursor to the main event. 

At the prize distribution ceremony, the Noon family members, distributed the prizes to the winners and standout performers.

Noon Polo Cup 2024: Day 3 | Newage/Master Paints vs ZS Polo Final

Newage Cables/Master Paints qualified for the main final of the Noon Polo Cup 2024 after winning their match against AR/PR played at the Lahore Polo Club. 

Now, Newage Cable/Master Paints will take on ZS Polo in the main final to be played at Lahore Polo Club’s Ground 2 at 3:00 pm while the subsidiary final will also be contested at the same venue between Sheikhoo Steel/ Diamond Paints and Guard Group 1:30 pm.  

Matches Overviews

Day 3 match of Noon Polo Cup 2024 at the Lahore Polo Club – LPC/Allsportspk

Newage Cables/Master Paints played outstanding polo against AR/PR and outclassed them by 8-1½ to qualify for the main final. Adnan Jalil Azam smashed in five goals for the winning side while teammates Alman Jalil Azam, Sufi Farooq and Sahar Yaghoobi contributed one goal apiece. The only goal from the losing side came from Saim Abbas.  

In another match of the day played under the American system, Sheikhoo Steel/Diamond Paints won both of their matches to qualify for the subsidiary final. In their first match, Sheikhoo Steel/Diamond Paints defeated Zacky Farms by 3½-3. Mir Huzaifa thrashed in two goals and Sufi Haroon scored one for Sheikhoo Steel/Diamond Paints, which had a handicap advantage of a half goal, while for the losing side, Shah Shamyl Alam slammed in all three goals. 

In their second match of the day, Sheikhoo Steel/Diamond Paints edged out Sea Gold by 2½-2. Saim Abbas and Mir Huzaifa contributed one goal each for the winning side while Kashif Jamal banged in a brace for Sea Gold. In another match, Zacky Farms thumped Sea Gold by 4½-1. From the winning side, Zackaria Daud Ali Khan and Shah Shamyl Alam thrashed in two goals each. For Sea Gold, the only goal was scored by Shiraz Qureshi. 

Noon Polo Cup 2024: Day 2 | ZS Polo Qualifies For The Final

ZS polo beat Total Nutrition by 6-5 and qualified for the Main final of The Noon Polo Cup 2024 at the Lahore Polo Club. Two matches will be played today on Friday, 9th February after the second Finalist and sub finalists will be decided.

Matches Overview

First match of the day we saw ZS playing outstanding polo against Total Nutrition and outpacing them by 6-5. From the winning team, Bilal Hayat Noon scored four goals and Aleem Yar Tiwana struck two goals. From Total Nutrition,  Bilal Haye scored three goals, Usman Haye scored two goals. After winning from this Pool ZS Polo qualified for the Main final.

ZS Polo beat Total Nutrition match on Day 2 of Noon Polo Cup 2024 at the Lahore Polo Club – LPC/Allsportspk

In the 2nd match of day Guard group beat Platinum Homes by 4.5-2, Guard group team which had a half goal handicap advantage, Taimur Mawaz Khan scored three goals, while Agha Murtaza Ali Khan scored one goal. From the losing side Babar Manoo and Mustafa Aziz scored one goal each.

Noon Polo Cup 2024: Day 1 | Total Nutrition & ZS Polo Victorious

Noon Polo Cup 2024 has started at the Lahore Polo Club in which 9 teams are competing for the four-goal tournament. Two matches were played last day the overview of which are as follows.

Noon Polo Cup: 2021 Event Commences With 12 Teams

Matches Overview

Match 1 – The team of Total Nutrition defeated the team of Platinum Homes by 4-1.5 goals. Ibrahim Hai scored two goals, Osman Hai and Bilal Hai scored one goal each, while Qadir Ashfaq scored one goal each from Platinum Homes. scored the only goal while having a half-goal handicap advantage.

Total Nutrition vs Platinum Homes match on Day 1 of Noon Polo Cup 2024 at the Lahore Polo Club – LPC/Allsportspk

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Match 2 – Team ZS Polo defeated Guard Group by 4.5-4 goals. Bilal Hayat Noon scored three goals, Zoreez Shehzad scored one goal from ZS side while Hanedy Cap had a half-goal advantage. Taimur Mawaz scored three goals and Taimur Noon scored one goal from the guard group.