The aim of the PGF-Pakistan Golf Federation Development Tour Golf matches is to unearth golfing talent of players who have aptitude, flair, technique and expertise out of the second tier golf professionals who could not perform and moreover never got a fighting chance to unveil their competence, aptness and potential.

Day & Round 1

At the end of the first round in this three rounds 4th PGF Jinnah Development Golf Tour match being held at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Golf Course, out of 102 competing aspirants we have at least 25 competitors who have come up with scores that can be graded as impactful and stirring. The best score of the first day is from Azmat Khan of Peshawar who till today was yet to make a mark in the Pakistan golfing circles. Finally, used the opportunity admirably well to come up with a score of gross 69, three under par under very tough playing conditions. In golf a score of three under par is considered praiseworthy and meritorious and reflects on his artful touch and mastery. He managed birdies on holes 1, 7, 8, 14 and 17 augmented by eleven regulation pars and just two bogies. Azmat excitedly said, “This is a significant opportunity for me and I must continue the effort over the next two rounds.”

1st PGF Development Tour Golf 2018: Defence Raya Tops

Participants of – 4th PGF Jinnah Development Golf Tour 2021, Pakistan being played at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Golf Course, Lahore – Allsportspk

Another one who showed his forte and dexterity is Minhaj Maqsood of Rawalpindi Golf Club. A few years back this young one was regarded as the best junior golfer but somehow success did not continue. He went to South Africa for lessons and now hard work and parental support has enhanced his urge to do well and the intensity seems visible now. He ended the first round with a score of gross 70, two under par and this resplendent score is attributable to a stirring six birdies on holes 3, 4, 13, 16, 17 and 18 plus nine pars, two bogies and one double bogie. Appears all charged up to come up with an outstanding performance.

Three others who played under par are Umer Farooq (Lahore Garrison), Syed Bilal Hussain Shah (Margalla Greens) and Aya Khan (Peshawar). These three enthusiastic ones are bracketed at a score of 71, one under par. Placed at the score of Par 72 are four contenders. They are Asad Khan (PAF Islamabad), M. Safdar (Gujranwala), Arshad Rasheed (Karachi Golf Club ) and Muhammed Saeed (Lahore Garrison).

A score of gross 73 reflects a good steady effort and at this score are placed Muhammed Imran (Defence Raya), Sunny Masih (Gymkhana ), Muhammed Rohail (Gymkhana ) and Muhammed Arif (Peshawar).

Round 2 will Tee off on Saturday, 18th December at 9.30 am.