Islamabad Jinns & Lahore Rugby Football club staged an exciting match at Pakistan Rugby Academy Lahore Cant in the 4th Servis Tyre’s Rugby League at Lahore on Sunday, resulting in Islamabad’s win.

Islamabad Jinns beat LRFC by 25-0 and proved their supremacy with this thumping victory , as they remain on top of the league table  . They dominated throughout the game with their aggressive strategy and exceptional teamwork and kept mounting the pressure on the opposition with scoreboard ticking every now and then in their favor .

At half time Islamabad Jinns were leading by 13-0 . In the 2nd half , Islamabad continued their successful run , didn’t allow LRFC to settle at all and scored 12 more points to win the match by 25-0.  From Lahore Rugby Football Club , none of the players could score successfully despite many attempts.