The Finals of various age groups were played and the results were:

junior squash championship

In Under-19:  Abbas Zeb (KPK) beat Zeeshan Gul (KPK)  score 11/8,11/7,6/11,11/8 (32m)

In Under-17:  Uzair Shaukat (PAF)  beat  Uzair Rasheed (PB) score 13/15,7/11,11/8,11/9,11/8 (47m).

In Under-15:  Khushal Riaz (PAF) beat Ali Sher (PAF)  score 11/6,11/13,12/10,11/2 (39m).

In Under-13:  M.Hamza (PAF) beat  M.Ammad (PAF) score  11/6,7/11,5/11,11/7,11/7 (24m). (3-2)

In Under-11: Khaqan Malik (PB) Usman Nadeem Butt (PB) score 7/11,11/6,8/11,11/9,11/9 (22m)


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