Peshawar: Dozens of Pakistani and Afghan cyclists embarked on a 350 kilometre race on Friday through Pakistan´s scenic northwest to promote international tourism and cross-border peace.

Participants Dressed In Brightly Coloured Gear And Riding Latest Generation Racing Bikes

The 87 spandex-clad competitors began their journey in Peshawar, the ancient capital of the northwest Khyber Pakthunkhwa province.

The event included Pakistan´s top cyclists as well as a nine-member team from Afghanistan.

Dressed in brightly coloured gear and riding latest generation racing bikes, the cyclists attracted droves of onlookers as they crossed historic monuments such as the 1,400-year-old Peshawar fort.

From there they are due to pass through Abbottabad.They will then head to the capital Islamabad for the final leg, and ride toward picturesque and hilly Nathia Galli that lies in the western Himalayan range.

Ehsan Ullah Khan, an Afghan cyclist, said such events could help bring his country closer to Pakistan.