ITF Coaching is pleased to announce that the new ITF ebooks app has been released. For the first time, electronic editions of books and publications from the ITF will be available to download as ebooks from Google Play for Android devices and from the App Store for iPhone devices.


The ITF ebooks app offers an exclusive range of publications from the world of tennis, which are a must read for all those with an interest in the sport.

Whether it’s Coaching & Development manuals, Sports Science & Technical research papers, or comprehensive information about the sport, users can download and read several of these popular publications for free or by purchasing at a significant discount to the printed versions on their mobile devices. This app provides publications in English, Spanish, French and Russian.

Three new ebooks will be included on the app: Essential Readings for Tour Tennis Coaches (vol. 1 and 2) with expert contributions from Nick Bolletieri, Mark Kovacs, Francis Roig, Louis Cayer, Doug MacCurdy and many more. Additionally, The Forehand Shot in Tennis written by Dr Cyril Genevois, Dr Machar Reid and Dr Miguel Crespo.