AIPS-Asia Youth Sports Reporting Workshop: To be Held In Pakistan

Sports Reporting Workshop Press Conference of Sports Journalists Association Sindh

KARACHI: The first AIPS-Asia Youth Reporting Workshop will be organised by Sports Journalists Association Sindh (SJAS) from November 4 to 7, 2018 in Karachi, Pakistan.

The participating young journalists would be from around 15 Asian countries including India, China, Qatar, Saudi Arab and Afghanistan.

According to schedule, the guests will arrive on 4th November. The workshops will be finalized subject to the final list of participants. The workshops will also include visits to some of the main sporting stadiums in Karachi which include: National Stadium Karachi, Abdul Sattar Edhi Hockey Stadium, Dr Junaid Ali Shah Hockey Academy.

The holding of the workshops was announced in a press conference by Patron of Sports Journalists Association Sindh (SJAS) and former Interim Sports Minister, along with President and Secretary of SJAS, Tariq Aslam and Muhammad Asghar Azeem respectively.

Asian Sports Press Association – AIPS ASIA founded in 1978, is the organization responsible for sports journalism in Asia, one of other associations that form altogether the International Sports Press Association AIPS. It is composed of sports journalists associations of the Asian countries, and shall form the Asian section of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS), conforming with AIPS statutes.
The main objective of AIPS ASIA is to develop sports journalism in the Member States, in addition, to create an ideal environment for sports journalism that is fair, transparent and to be qualified to create future generations of journalists.
Article 3 – Objective
The objective of AIPS ASIA- ASPU and the common goal of all members of AIPS ASIA- ASPU are, in compliance with the Statutes, in particular:
3.1 To unite all National Sports Journalists Associations in Asia under the
guidance and name of AIPS ASIA- ASPU.
3.2 To encourage the establishment of National Sports Journalists
Associations in the Asian Countries where no such Associations do exist.
3.3 To defend the freedom, rights as well as normal, professional and
legitimate interests of its members. 11
3.4 To develop the spirit of cooperation and solidarity among sports
journalists in Asia and enhance their relations with their colleagues all
over the world.
3.5 To observe and comply with the Statutes of the International Sports
Press Association (AIPS), AIPS ASIA- ASPU being recognized by AIPS as its
Asian section.
3.6 To maintain all useful relations and ties with AIPS, National Sports
Journalists Associations as well as all continental organizations which
pursue sports activities.
3.7 To strengthen the relations between AIPS ASIA- ASPU and all the Asian Sports
Organizations in the interests of sports in Asia and obtain all facilities from the
organizers of continental and worldwide sports events for Asian journalists to carry
out their mission on the best conditions available.
3.8 To keep all other National Associations informed of any decision made by other
member Associations or by AIPS.
3.9 To issue the necessary instructions and recommendations to its members without
unnecessarily interfering in the affairs of the latter.
3.10 To organize training courses and seminars for members whenever possible.

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