Allsportspk Archives-Pak Hockey: Mansoor Ahmed – A Legendary Hockey Goalkeeper

Pakistan’s former hockey goal-keeper Mansoor Ahmed finally met his maker, as he passed away at the age of 49 in Karachi. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

His death is not only a loss to the nation, as Pakistan lost a legend from this amazing sport, but also the world of hockey.

In respect of Late Mansoor Ahmed, Allsportspk briefly recollects facts about his life and career. 

Ahmed, was born on 7 January 1968 in Karachi. He was always keen in playing hockey and he worked hard, day and night so that one day he could play for the National team.

At last his dreams came true, as he represented Pakistan in 1986 as a goal-keeper.

Being a goal-keeper is a strenuous job in any sport. Whether it is football, hockey, water polo or handball, a keeper’s job is tough and the game’s depending on it.

But in our world, a goal-keeper is not given much importance as compared to other players. Especially, being a hockey goal-keeper is a resilient job.

As, the suit of a hockey goal-keeper is burdensome as he wears defensive equipments like neck guards, face, helmet, special gloves and protectors for his arm and elbow.

Mansoor Ahmed was an absolute treat to watch. He was passionate for winning and his goal saving skills were brilliant.

He has assisted his team in winning many titles and also holds the honour of being appointed the captain of Pakistan National Hockey team several times in his career.

Some of career credentials and facts were:

  • His hockey career lasted for 14 years (1986-2000).
  • Mansoor had played in 338 International matches.
  • Won 3 Gold medals and also Silver and Bronze in 1990 World Cup championship and 1992 Olympics respectively.
  • Was announced World Eleven Hockey team member in 1994.
  • Declared the best goalkeeper by the International Hockey Federation (FIH).
  • Greatness gave him a boost by standing four times the finest goalkeeper of the tournament
  • Carried the flag of Pakistan in Atlanta (USA) in 1996.
  • Awarded the National President Award in 1988.
  • Also awarded the Highest Civil Award – Pride of Performance Award in 1994.

Late Mansoor’s  goal-keeping abilities were appreciated globally, as he was also voted the best hockey goal-keeper in the world. One of the greatest moments and his goalkeeping abilities are preserved in the embedded video:

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