Australia is among the most successful countries to have contained the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, it is largely expected that by July corona virus will be eliminated.

Neighbouring New Zealand was first in lifting all restrictions except international border controls after declaring on Monday, 8th June, that it was free of the corona virus. With restrictions lifted and requirements no more applicable, the Super Rugby teams will re start the domestic series with expectations of full fan attendance.

In Australia with the situation being under control, the community sports in the country have been given the green signal to restart. Including, Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales, will be reopening without the restrictions enforced to eradicate the virus.

A senior medical official from the NSW Health has said that they had hoped that the virus would be eliminated by June or July and following the results that were being reported, they are confident that they would tackle the novel virus.

New South Wales announced that it would restart community sports like netball and cricket from 1st July, after no cases for the transmission of the virus were reported for two weeks straight.

In the eastern states, seven cases have been reported, with three being in NSW and four in Victoria, bringing total nationwide cases to 7,274.


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