It is said that appearances can be deceiving and the expression is best visible in the entertainment industry where appearances are everything. This why directors and producers go to great lengths using all technological means possible to convey their message visually and can even bend the reality at their will.

Below is an example of such incredible physical transformation for the sake of conveying a message. In this Super Bowl ad for a mortgage company, Hollywood actor Jason Momoa is seen entering his home all beefed up but begins to shed layers of fake muscles as he proceeds to settle in. The Muscular Momoa is revealed to be a skinny bald guy telling the audience that being original feels good and how his home is the only place where he can let his guard down.

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The Behind-The-Scenes footage shows the artistic mastery that went into the unbelievable transformation. Momoa and a thin actor were filmed simultaneously with extensive prosthetics and special effects to make the transformation look as much authentic as possible.

40-year-old Momoa rose to fame with his portrayal of Khal Drogo in the popular TV show Game of Thrones and also plays Aquaman in the live-action film universe of DC comics.

Behind The Scenes Video

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