Allsportspk Fitness Humour: Atleast I Lost Something!

Laughter can also serve as a positive lesson, especially if inflicted upon oneself like does Mr. Smith.

Time is the greatest treasure among the most significant assets we have, as people, for taking advantage of our lives. However, everybody appears to simply watch time go by with no control, pointlessly spending his or her strength on insignificant immaterial exercises. Most of us complain that we do not get enough time to do things out of our routine list. But the truth is, all of us have enough time in our lives, but we possibly just waste most of it.

The picture is illustrating the present situation of most of us explaining what we really do. What Steve lost is his time. We all have gone through the same situation in which we schedule our diet, exercise, and many other things but ends up doing nothing. It all starts when motivation kicks us then the next step is taken by making plans which obviously help us to stick to a disciplined lifestyle.

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And when the deadline arrives laziness kicks harder than motivation and we start thinking that this task can be done tomorrow, and then tomorrow never comes. Laziness is the ultimate reason for postponing tasks needs to be accomplished on time.

The question we need to ask and answer is where exactly are we spending our time or causing delays?

Obviously watching television is most important of anything. No, wait! Using a smartphone is best of all or maybe sitting in leisure is what we want. After indulging in all these activities when we don’t get anything good out of it we start complaining about fate, cry and get over it.

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Crying and complaining is not the solution here one should leave his comfort zone to complete the task on time. But the reality is that we spend most of our time grumbling than doing any productive work because complaining takes less effort and energy. Instead of expressing dissatisfaction if we determine and dedicate ourselves to become punctual life would be easier.

And last but not the least we need to pay serious attention towards achieving our goal especially health related. Otherwise we may also achieve only the lose of time.

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