Wife -Where are you going ?

Husband=Watch the game at the cafe

Wife-Why don’t you watch it with me?

Husband=I want to see it with my friends.

Wife – So I am nothing to you?

Husband= My god, OK OK I am staying.

Wife -Why is the goalkeeper in black?

Husband= He is mourning his mother.

Wife -The commentator, how does he know all names?

Husband =It’s his job

Wife – There’s Goal.

Husband = No, it’s an offside.

Allsportspk Humour Diary: Wife & Golfer Husband Muzzle-Puzzle

Wife – What is offside?

Husband =No it’s a goal, just kidding.

Wife -Yes, but what is offside?

Husband: Offside is the name of the coach.

Wife -Where’s the coach?

Husband =He is off the field

Wife -Why isn’t he playing?

Husband = No he doesn’t play, he changes the players and the game tactics.

Wife – Tell me, Maradona is there?

Husband = No he died

Wife – Oh my God, how?

Husband = He had watched a game with his wife.

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