Another video of the Allsportspk Mind series.

There are a line of balls with each ball tied to a thread and hanging from top bar of a frame. In a straight line all the balls are released together which start formulating various amazing symmetrical and harmonious formations.

The mystery is that without any manually synchronization the balls swirl in organized formations. Makes the mind wonder that how do the balls make their ‘magically’ moves in a symmetrical formations.

See it patiently till the end as the manner in which the balls develop various artistic formations, you will definitely wonder and think that how is it happen.

In life we may see many things and happenings which remain a mystery. Mostly we do not wonder or if we do, it remains a puzzle that how they came into being or are happening. Most such formations are based on a sense of harmony and lovely proportions and balance. In mathematical terms, these are “symmetries” which to be precise are objects that are variant and or invariant under some rotations, scales, transformations, reflections or formations.

Another wonder of the Divine. Enjoy!

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