One does not always need to tackle with heavy concepts or attend lengthy lectures to learn a life lesson.

The basketball situation can be applied to all situations in one’s life when one tries to improve one aspect only for fate to intervene and make it even worse. Instead of giving up, that is exactly the time to take off your proverbial shoes and be ready to play to cat and mouse game with the fate.

We do not realise but sometimes motivation can come from very unlikely places.
Below is a video of an amateur basketball player trying to release his basketball stuck on the backboard during solo practice. As he throws his shoe to release the ball, the shoe also gets stuck and on and on it goes. This goes on for quite a bit as the guy in frame desperately tries again and again to get his shoes and basketball back.

Having seen the video many of us may dismiss it with a quick laugh without paying any further attention to any deeper meaning of this video. But, if only we pause for a moment and just think perceptively, that the actually message is not that the boy is hopelessly trying to relieve his belongings, where as we can see a young boy who is consistent and motivated.

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