Allsportspk Team Spirit: Non Human Helping Attitude – The Ladybird Experience

The video carries a beautiful message of team spirit and that also through the Ladybirds. Unlike most messages that have a specific audience for its deliverance, the message that is being conveyed in this video, is significant for every human, no matter what stage of life he/she is on.

Whether it’s professional life or personal, weather it’s a teenage watching the video or a 60 years old retired man, the message holds significance for everyone. Even so if in case of the significance of teamwork in sports, it is well-known that sports is all about unity and teamwork. Which ever game is it the victory is always accredited to the whole team.

Allsportspk Unusual Snippets

In the video, one sees a ladybird, probably the only insect that kids and even adults find adorable. The ladybird has fallen upside down and cannot get back on its feet. You see it trying it’s best to move and flip but, it fails repeatedly. This shows the state of almost all humans who are in the need of help at one point or the other, in life. The tiny feet symbolize the limitations one may have in his or her life. The limitations that make it unable for them to stand on their feet.

Whether it’s a profession environment or a sport’s field, difficulties are there. In a match if the whole team is not cooperating, victory is hard to expect from a single person trying his best. There needs to be team work between members. And so does the ladybird in this video. So you see a fellow ladybird trying to help the fallen ladybird get on its feet. This fellow tries a number of times to help his friend but, fails. This shows that having the best intentions is not all sufficient in life. You might have pure intentions but that may not be enough.

Like a single person can’t win the game, just 2 people out of a team of 6 or so, can’t win either. The whole team needs to work together towards a common objective. So, then comes the importance of teamwork. This fellow lady bird goes back to its family and brings more of its kind to help his friend. They all bring down a leaf using their combined weight. The flipped-over ladybird gets hold of this lead and climbs over.

The team spirit pays off. This shows that having right intentions is indeed the founding base of all of it. Since the ladybird did want to help. But, having the right intentions is not all suffice. Teamwork is necessary and so, the ladybird gets help from some other ladybirds and together, they help the flipped-over ladybird get back on its feet.

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