The 2nd generation of the World’s first Squash Sensor has been designed and introduced to enable squash players to do in-depth analysis of their game based on the detailed statistical data made available.

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Racketware new generation sensor launched
Racketware Squash Sensor – allsportspk

The sensor analyses the key metrics e.g. tracks every motion of the racket during play over 600 times a second! After which the key data is sent to a companion iOS / Android application, which by using the unique AI algorithms provides an elaborate in-depth stats including fitness, swing, shot quality, length of rallies, etc.

Launched by Racketware, a UK-based company the second generation sensor is comparatively smaller, lighter with 9.5 grams weight, and much stronger. It also features an improved twist-on, twist-off dock allowing it to be easily swapped between rackets.

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