It is said that talent is granted as a gift of nature and is not limited by any geographical or socio-economic factors. We see many examples of this phenomenon all around us where kids without any formal training or grooming often outperform the privileged ones due to their natural potential.

Below is a video of one such testament to the equitable distribution of talent all over the world.

A very young boy can be seen juggling a ball with his foot in an amazing manner. He effortlessly maneuvers the small ball all around him, which is rather an unbelievable display of coordination skills and physical talent. He balances the ball on his ear and then throws it into the air and then balances it on his ear, again and again, is simply astonishing to watch. It would have been immensely difficult to believe it if video proof was not available.

Many of you may consider the video to be doctored but rest assured as Allsportspk team has conducted forensic analysis of the video and it is a legit display of mad skills.

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