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Rankings as on 23rd May 2018

Men’s Recurve Bow Rankings

Wei Chung-Heng of Chinese Taipei dipped down in ranks as his fellow professionals namely Stever Wijler and Jeane-Charles Balladont improved their position by one rank. Meanwhile, Kim Woojin still holds the number one ranking in Men’s Recurve bow.

Also, the men’s recurve bow rankings are dominated by Korean archers as four of them feature in the Top 10 as mentioned below.

Rank Name Country Points
1 Kim Woojin Korea 333.000
2 Im Dong Hyun Korea 284.500
3 Brady Ellison USA 254.000
4 Steve Wijler Netherland 223.000
5 Jeane-Charles Valladont France 221.000
6 Wei Chung-Heng Chines Taipei 214.375
7 Sjef Van Den Berg Netherland 177.500
8 Ku Bonchan Korea 165.500
9 Lee Seungyun Korea 161.000
10 Furukawa Takahuru Japan 154.500


Women’s Recurve Bow Rankings

No major rankings were seen in the Top 10 Women’s recurve rankings however, the same story as seen in Men’s rankings repeats itself here. As Korean archers also dominate the women’s archery rankings. 4 players in the Top 10 are Korean followed by 2 players who are from Chinese Taipei.

Rank Name Country Points
1 Chang Hye Jan Korea 345.000
2 Ksenia Perova Russia 282.250
3 Kang Chae Young Korea 227.750
4 Tan Ya-Ting Chinese Taipei 227.000
5 Ki Bo Bae Korea 222.500
6 Alejandra Valencia Mexico 201.000
7 Choi Misun Korea 193.500
8 Lisa Unruh Germany 175.000
9 Lei Chien-Ying Chinese Taipei 159.750
10 Mackenzie Brown USA 147.750

Men’s Compound Bow Rankings

Kim Jongho of Korea made his way to the top 3 as Mike Schloesser dropped down to the 4th place in the Men’s compound bow rankings. Moreover, it was Steve Anderson of USA who left Turkey’s Demir Elmaagacli behind by 4 points to claim the 6th position on the table.

Apart from that all rankings in the top 10 remained the same.

Rank Name Country Points
1 Stephan Hansen Denmark 331.500
2 Braden Gallanthien USA 252.700
3 Kim Jongho Korea 215.000
4 Mike Schloesser Netherland 211.500
5 Pierre-Julien Deloche France 209.850
6 Steve Anderson USA 198.350
7 Demir Elmaagacli Turkey 194.750
8 Sebastien Pieneau France 177.500
9 Reo Wilde USA 177.250
10 Choi Yonghee Chinese Taipei 173.500


Women’s Compound Bow Rankings

Sarah Lopez of Colombia tops the Women’s Compound Bow rankings and is closely followed by Denmark’s Sarah Sonnichsen who is only 8 points behind the World No.1.

While no recent changes in rankings were seen in this category however, an interesting point to note here is the pattern as it is quite diverse. As, apart from Korea no other country has a second player inside Women’s compound Bow rankings.

This means that this the most closely fought category in Archery in present times.

Rank Name Country Points
1 Sarah Lopez Colombia 307.700
2 Sarah Sonnichsen Denmark 299.700
3 Song Yun Soo Korea 247.600
4 Yesim Bostan Turkey 217.750
5 Chen Yi-Hsuan Chinese Taipei 191.250
6 Andrea Marcos Spain 189.350
7 Toja Ellison Slokovia 186.850
8 Sarah Priells Belgium 178.175
9 So Chaewon Korea 174.275
10 Tanja Jensen Denmark 163.800


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