Usman Wazir Knocked out Indonesia’s Boida Bulldozer to win the Asian Boxing Council’s title.

The 19 round bout was held at Aamir Khan Boxing Academy, Islamabad which is a brain child and initiative of Pakistan-born British boxer Amir Khan.

Four other fights took place:

One fight was in the featherweight category, which Pakistan’s Nadir Baloch won in 6th round by defeating Hamid of Afghanistan on 59-52 points.

In the super lightweight category, Bilal Mehsud of Pakistan in the second round knocked out Aminul Haq of Afghanistan

Jawad Hussain of Afghanistan won in the featherweight category, while Adil Saeed defeated his compatriot Abbas Ali in the middleweight category.

The event was much awaited with the recognition also evidenced by the British High-Commissioner to Pakistan Christain Turner’s tweet.


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